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I scream for ice cream !

I've had the most delicious ice cream this evening...........Funny thing is, I was not expecting anything special, and now I can't get my mind off it. I've had all sorts of ice cream, in various parts of the world, but this was truly delicious and unlike any other I have had before. It appeared to have been home-made, but apart from it's perfect texture, the taste was soooooo incredibly good. ! First, that scoop of pistachio with teeny weeny little balls of chocolate covered nuts (to die for), and then that other scoop of mocha....I found myself closing my eyes, just so I can enjoy it better !

Where did you have your best ice cream, and if you don't mind sharing your favorite ice cream toppings, it would be nice to hear as well :)

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  1. Best of all time? That's nearly impossible to say.

    Best recently? My homemade raisin rum ice cream with brown sugar.

    1. We used to go on vacation in the summer and where we went there was an ice cream 'store' that looked like a cone. I say, 'store' because it was only big enough for 2-3 people to work inside the cone, with a white-swirl ceiling. I don't even like ice cream really all that much, but that will always be my favorite because of the "big" ice cream cone-shaped "store" on the side of the road--whereby you ordered through a little window. It must have been soft-serve. I always ordered vanilla. Presumably it was a very small child sized version. They did have sprinkles.

      1. I was living in a very remote town in the far north of Australia, which surprisingly had some incredible restaurants tucked away in interesting places. One of these fantastic restaurants was an Italian place that served the most wonderful Italian food I have ever had. It just so happened on this fateful evening they were serving home made blood orange sorbet (ok, it's not ice cream, but this is the story I thought of). Wow. Just wow. It was...WOW! I sat and savoured every spoonful when my partner at the time swooped in to steal some. I was very kindly given a long handled spoon to eat my sorbet with and as a fencer I did the only thing that one would do when under attack. It was one of the most beautiful and instinctive parry's I have ever carried off in my life and it protected my sorbert and my partner didn't try and steal any more :)

        1. The last one, clearly- just pulled some dark chocolate/sour cream/ orange out of the churn, I'll go with that.

          1. Best ice-cream in the world for me? Without a doubt, Kapiti from Auckland, New Zealand. The Kiwis have some of the creamiest dairy products on Earth, so having the best ice-cream shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Kapiti offered various terrific flavors but the one which made the most impression on me was the Fig & Manuka Honey one.


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              I agree. Kapiti has one of the best commercially available ice creams, but too bad their flavours aren't inventive enough (or should I say, very tame). That's the reason why I love B&J ice cream and their crazy flavours! :)

              The best gelato in NZ however is in Auckland- Giapo. Another good one is Wellington's Kaffee Eis.

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                Thanks for the heads-up, will definitely check out Giapo the next time I'm in Auckland. I noticed it's in a very accessible location, too, on Queen Street.

            2. growing up in the 'east bay' of the San Francisco area there were many to choose from, but one stood out from all the rest. Fenton's. So rich, so creamy. On those hot summer evenings that are so rare in the bay area there was such a line. Swiss Milk Chocolate Milk Shake, Orange Freeze, Black and Tan, Banana Split, or just a cone of whatever flavor appealed at the time. And Fenton's is still there, serving the same wonderful treats to new generations.

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                I was there a week ago and had a Black and Tan Sundae - small. That place is a slice of nostalgia. Long Live Fenton's.

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                  I used to spend quite a bit of time in Oakland, and simply loved Fenton's, not just for their marvellous ice-cream but also for the whole ambience of the place. And Piedmont Ave is a very pleasant neighborhood to find good chow (Bay Wolf, Cesar's, Dopo)

              2. Pixie Muse, we frequently go for a walk after dinner and hike up the hill to Loard's ice cream parlor, where we inevitably order either their lemon blueberry cheesecake or their black cherry, which is just absolutely loaded with the fruit, cut in half

                At home we always have vanilla ice cream, usuallyl Hagen-Dasz. I like to melt butter and toast almonds until they're very pale brown (I use sliced almonds for this but any nut works fine.) Then I add good honey and heat it 'til it's bubbly, and then we pour the whole Megillah over the ice cream. I also like hot fudge w/ toasted pecans, and chocolate topping wih crushed peanuts and sliced bananas. A friend served butter pecan ice cream she'd made, and poured heated dulce de leche over it and topped that w/ more pecans. Aho ho ho was it ever good. You could totally taste the sweet rich butter flavor. Wow.

                1. The best ice cream I ever had was the first time I had ice cream in Norway. It was full fat ice cream, not the watered down stuff my mom used to buy at home. What a revelation!

                  1. Greg's in Toronto, sweet cream or toasted marshmallow.