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grocery store rotisserie chicken

I tried Wegman's $4.99 rotisserie chicken (I think the flavor was called Caribean lime) and it made me sad. It was very dry, under-seasoned, and the spice rub was burnt into the skin. Where in Herndon or nearby can I get a juicy, flavorful grocery store rotisserie chicken? I know I could get a Peruvian chicken but I am specifically looking for a grocery store chicken for convenience.

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  1. ive always had good luck with the ones from sam's club....

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      Sams Club is where I get mine too - it helps that there is one very close to where I live. Good sized, fresh, juicy and tasty.

    2. Most of the grocery stores have the same deal, less the spices. Sam's club & Costco have bigger birds for the same price. But I think they brine their birds before roasting em. So there may be a salt issue depending on your personal health. But they are both tender tasty and very handy when on the run, or have a party, or game going. Buit you will that car and membership card.

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        i never asked if they brine them....
        hadnt thought about it....
        next time i go to sam's ill have to ask...

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          If you can get to a local Harris Teeter [Potomac Ave or First street N.E.], or Whole Foods [Annapolis] check out the hot bar for chicken, both roasted and Fried.

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            no harris teeter here...
            i only get to one when we visit the inlaws...

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              Well, here is an old style Grocery story in Silver Spring, right off the beltway at Georgia ave. Snider’s. They also do a nice chicken and the rotisserie works where you shop. Lot's of goodies in that little pocket store too. Don't let the small size fool you, the lines zoom you out as quick as you finish shopping.

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          +1 for the Costco chickens. They're moist and tasty and go so fast they're always really fresh.

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            Agreed Costco or the Amish Market in Laurel and Annapolis

        3. i don't know about the herndon harris teeter (or closest store) but harris teeters in our area (arlington) have good rotisserie chickens..and are a special price on sundays…. i want to say $3.99. normally, it is around $7, IIRC.

          we like the garlic-herb one.

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            I agree with your comment on Harris Teeter. Balduccis has very good birds at $8, the best of all the markets (plus one raised with no antibiotics or growth hormones).

            Chicken Out, of the chains, has the best takeaway bird in the DC area in my taste tests. Giant and Wegmans are forgettable, tough birds to eat.

            600 Franklin St, Alexandria, VA 22314

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              Agree with Chicken Out. Their BBQ chicken is good too (and their brownies). Yes I have been there many times.......

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                Yes Chicken Out is delicious! I wish there was one closer to me in Dupont. Their sides are also really good.

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                  Yeah, Chicken Out sides are very good. I especially like cole slaw and their chicken wings which are very tasty.

                  Giant chickens are truly awful but Giant does have a nice selection of sides (tabouleh, potato salad, homestyle cole slaw).

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                    Is there a Chicken Out metro-accessible in DC? I've only been to one out in the suburbs.

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                      There's one in Bethesda, about 5 mins. walk from the Metro.

                      Chicken Out Rotisserie
                      4839 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814
                      Telephone: (301) 907-8646

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                        I think that's the one I've been to. I wish there was one in DC-proper.

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                Teeter has sunday chicken for $4.99 and it is good.

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                  It's now $4.99 on Sundays; the price went up.

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                      No, I remember it being $3.99 at one point. I think the price increase was a year or so ago.

                2. don't want to hijack thread, but does anyone do good smoked chicken in nova?

                  1. Balducci's in McLean come marinated in the box, but they can be darn tasty fresh out of the oven. Which leads me to this issue, All Fresh market Rotisserie chickens, etc.. (that I've seen )are in a rotisserie oven, but the chickens sit in a basket and go around like a farris wheel, not on a spit that actually rotates around the inside of the oven. No better than a convection oven. they won't return my calls....

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                      That is an interesting point. I know at Harris Teeter, Giant, Safeway, Wegmans etc chickens are "put out" for sale so we don't see the spit. Balducci's has the spit going round in front of you right behind the prepared foods. Best, as you say, to get it fresh from the oven.

                      Big diff in taste with cooking on a rotating spit vs. convection oven.

                      600 Franklin St, Alexandria, VA 22314

                    2. I've only bought the plain version at Wegmans and while it is good right out of the box, it is rather dry as leftovers.

                      I find Wegmans prepared foods to be tasteless in general, so I am not surprised to hear the review of the flavored rotisserie.

                      I have to wonder if they are afraid to season/salt the food to make it more approachable for all. Their food always looks good, but when you taste it, it's like, huh?

                      1. I can tell you that the Giant chickens are absolutely terrible. High priced for $7.99 (although sometimes discounted) every time I purchase them (I just can't stop thinking that maybe this time they'll be good) I realize it was a mistake. Horribly dried out every time...and I always buy the chicken with the most recent time stamp. I've tried several flavors, and none are any better than another.

                        1. I just bought the Whole Foods rotisserie chicken for the first time last night to shred and use in a casserole. It was really good---juicy, nice crisp skin, and I think around $7-8. I enjoyed it and might buy it more often now.

                          1. I like the Harris Teeter chickens too, esp on Sunday when they are on sale. However, you have to time it right or there won't be any on Sunday. They only bad thing is that some of them are overdone, with wings burned beyond use, or underdone, which is scary. I usually go to the store on Colombia Pike in the Barcroft area.

                            1. I know you aren't close to a Magruder's, but their chickens are remarkably good and well priced. They are smaller but perfect for me.