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Aug 12, 2011 05:20 PM

Origin Question

I'm going to Origin this weekend and have a few questions.

How many dishes are good for two people?
Any stand out dishes I should go for?
Anything I should avoid?

Any tips you have would be great! I'm really looking forward to it! I have been trying to get a reservation for ever, but have had a hard time planning far enough in advance ha.

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  1. Share: deviled eggs, spicy spanish fries, and tostones
    Order each 2 more dishes like: shrimp ceviche, oysters, rock hen, scallops, or calamari (maybe some of the best in the city).
    Leave room for dessert.
    I liked the samosas and burger but I wouldn't say the are must orders.
    Have fun and tell us what you thought.

    1. Try to get a table with a view of the cooking action, it's a like a mini live show.

      1. Love the guacamole and tostones - great for sharing
        The burger is HUGE, so it is a sharing type dish, IMO
        I found the duck breast on a pancacke to be very disappointing and overly salted
        The mozzarella/tomato/preserved lemon bruschetta style dish is fabulous
        I really like the calamari as well

        When Mr. Vuitton and I go, we usually order 4 or 5 dishes for the two of us. We don't/have not ordered dessert.

        1. If you go - then Underdog Rally (:))) hi!!) made a good rec
          However - I am really not a fan of the food. The only thing that I tried when I went that I enjoyed was the Bangkok Salad. I personally found the Origin Burger to be quite terrible (the server agreed that the fries were very badly done so they took those off the bill) and the "float" that came with it was awful.
          That being said - I'm part of the boo-on-Origin minority :-)


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            I don't think you're the only one.

            1. re: ekim256

              I'm in the boo-camp. Nice space though.

              1. re: jlunar

                nice space indeed. There are some spots that I'll go to just for the space, even though the food isn't fantastic, such as Woodlot, and even Brasaii
                Origin's space isn't enough to justify the boo-factor though, imo

              2. re: ekim256

                total boo camp here too... nice patio :-)

              3. from the mozerella bar the firo de latte+mushroom +spinach, bangkok salad, calamri with peanut sauce! they have a fantastic dessert- I cant recall the name its their most popular one and its both sweet and salty they should be able to help you with it!