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21st Birthday near UCSD with good food?

Looking for a fun place for a 21st birthday near UCSD around $20 per person with 10 people. Beer and wine a must. Not BJ's but that kind of atmosphere would be great. it would be very helpful if we could get there on public transit. Thanks for any help.

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  1. What about Karl Strauss? Slightly more upscale than BJ's, beers on tap, etc. It's in the Cove.

    1. Maybe the Public House, La Jolla? Just a few blocks from a 30 stop. Not an enormous menu, but might fit the bill.


      Note: I assume you mean $20 for the food - a few drinks will knock you way over that just about anywhere. :)

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        I'll second this. Heard nothing but great things about this place from people who really know their food and beer.

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          This place looks perfect but unfortunately the party is scheduled for a Monday and they are closed on Mondays. Anyone else know anything like this?

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            been several times, burgers are very well executed and their craft beer selections very good. If you go on a Tuesday, a selection of their burgers are buy one get one free. They also discount beer, if your sitting at the bar, for HH. Another great choice, Bareback Grill in PB, great burger and overall menu selections with some outstanding chili. They have a good beer selection and do a good HH.

          2. Karl Strauss, but the Sorrento Valley location. Absolutely gorgeous, with a koi pond and beautiful lighting at night. I really think it’s exactly what you’re looking for. And if you order before 6:30, drinks are only $4.

            1. Karl Strauss in Sorrento Valley for Happy Hour would be a great place to eat and drink..
              $4 beers and $5 app's ...you're not firing up the wienermobile for this trip?


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                  I bet if you added vegan dogs, they would give you a special placard to park anywhere on campus..
                  ; )

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                    If it were entirely electric, they might let them park it under one of the ubiquitous solar grids around campus.

              1. it's a 21st bday so you don't want a dd correct? The la jolla strip club would be a lot of fun for your group, and come in at the price range you are looking for. It's also easy access with the bus system.

                1. Flemings Steakhouse near UTC has a great happy hour..5-7pm
                  You'll all have to whisper but still could be fun!
                  ; )


                  does Cafe Japengo still got it going on...that is where we used to go back in the day..

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                    For a 21st b-day party??, a little to laid back don't you think BC!.

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                      If it was me, the party would be a month long affair..starting in Vegas..ending in Paris.
                      Isn't that where every 21 year old should be spending their birthday..
                      Speaking of which.. a month from today and cstr..your timing on the clock is way too perfect!
                      Let the party begin..
                      ; )

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                        If not for school Vegas would be great.

                    2. Think I'm gonna change the date so we can go to The Public House. Thanks to everyone for all the great suggestions. Will report back.

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                        Monday is often the throwaway night for eating out. In a tourist town like San Diego, maybe not as much so, but I think it still should be avoided.