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Aug 12, 2011 03:11 PM

what happened to votes in Blue Moon recipe challenge

I only had 47-48 vote now I'm knocked down to 29???? Its just not my recipe but others also???

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  1. Yes, me too! My soup recipe showed 13 votes for several days in a row and now it's got 6 votes.

    1. Hello DenaliDi and blue room,

      I can help clear up the mystery on this one. Two days ago, the engineering team fixed a multiple vote bug for our contest (basically de-duping the voting that occurred for the contest). This fix has insured that the votes are accurate. The fix will affect all entrants equally, so everyone's votes will be equally affected--meaning that they will all go down in equal measures. The fix was to make sure that the voting was fair, and therefore the contest is fair.

      Let me know if you'd like more information about this, and best of luck in the contest!

      Meredith of CHOW

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      1. re: mudaba

        I had about 47-48 votes, really-how can that be justified? If my votes were inaccurate, please let me know what I did wrong? Thought it looked like an enjoyable site and contest. Interested in hearing opinions from other entrants.

        1. re: mudaba

          I'm not sure what questions to ask --

          Everyone's vote count will be reduced by equal measures? I don't see how that would change anything. How you determine how many votes to take from each entry? I guess I'm asking *why is a vote removed?* One of my recipes lost more than half its votes, the other still has all its votes.

          I'm also curious to know if Chowhound thought nobody would notice, is this a regular thing in online contests?

          1. re: mudaba

            To expand on Meredith, a glitch in the system was allowing individuals to vote multiple times for the same recipe on a given day. Many users were likely doing so unintentionally; the problem was similar to the recent bug that caused duplicates of new threads to be posted multiple times.

            To clarify the actions we've taken, we did not remove votes arbitrarily: we have ONLY removed duplicate votes that were invalid under the contest rules. The current vote totals reflect the total number of legal votes cast for each entry.

            We apologize for not announcing the situation before we took action. Thank you for your your patience, and best of luck in the contest.

            1. re: Engineering


              All I had to do was open three different browsers and I was able to vote for the same recipe three times today. At least one glitch is still in place.

              eta: 4 and 5 votes all with diff browsers in the last few mins.

              1. re: HillJ

                We've identified some irregularities in this specific case and are looking into them. Fortunately, very few users should be affected by this particular circumstance.

                1. re: Engineering

                  Engineering, I hope you are able to fix the browser glitch because I just revisited the contest voting page again and was able to vote for the same recipe a sixth time today. How users shouldn't be affected by this particular circumstance is a bit confusing. Either you can vote only once a day or you can't. I was able to vote six times for the same recipe by using the same and different browsers. I truly hope you fix it.

            2. re: mudaba

              Hi Meredith, We sent you a reply email and I hope it clarifies our contest experience. Thank you for reaching out. HillJ


              Contest rules 14-17 pretty much explain what can occur when a contest begins to unravel.

              I've been watching this particular CHOW contest play out for weeks and there have been numerous attempts to fix it: remove the glitch that printed actual entry names not screen names appearing under recipes entered; the layout changed, the language describing the rules changed and the overall design of this contest came into question nearly from the start. Many CH's who entered questioned and complained that the voting style was suspicious and voting allowed too early (rather than wait for all submissions to arrive before the voting began) unfair. It's been a confusing corporate sponsored contest and I do feel for the individuals who took a legitimate shot at entering.

              Now that it's been brought to light that the public voting results (and you do not have to be registered with CH to enter or vote) has been handled by the CHOW dept. prior to the contests end dates, I don't see how this contest can continue as intended. Frankly, I would question the validity of any results that follow. How in the world can one determine what votes should count and what votes do not?

              Very sad turnabout.