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Aug 12, 2011 03:01 PM

Restaurants near Vatican

We're a party of 4 adults that will be staying in a rental apartment near S. Pietro in May of 2012. What restaurants are recommended within comfortable walking distance of the Vatican? We're looking for something authentic and affordable but non-touristy.

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  1. Girarrosto Dal Toscano at Via Germanico 56 (between Via Ottaviano and Vis Vespasiano) would serve nicely. Good food, reasonable prices, mostly local clientele. Grilled meats, excellent pastas.

    Dal Toscano
    Via Germanico 58,, Rome, Lazio 00192, IT

    1. Saying that you will be "near S. Pietro" next year covers quite a lot of waterfront. Will you closer to Trastevere or piazza del Popolo -- or neither?

      Four healthy adults can comfortably walk to quite a bit of Rome from many locations near S. Pietro. However, even four healthy adults might find more than 10 minutes of walking uncomfortable after a day of pounding Rome's cobblestones as a tourist.

      Can you post the address of the apartment, or the crossroads, and say, in minutes, what you think is a comfortable walking distance for your group?

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        We're staying South of the Vatican on Via di Monte del Gallo.

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          I think that area of Rome may be something of a terra incognita for Chowhound posters, but I could be wrong. Many of the regular Rome posters sometimes bypass threads that ask a general question about "where to eat near the Vatican" because the question has been asked and answered so many times on Chowhound, they feel you could look up the answer by doing a search.

          However, your location is actually pretty far afield of the usual tourist stomping grounds. I suggest you put up a new thread with a new headline asking about "Where to eat near via di Monte del Gallo." You might more readily get an answer from someone who lives in Rome.

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            You're right barberinibee!
            The thread headline you suggest would have been more appelling at least in my case since I was close to buy an apartment there :)

            Via del Monte del Gallo is a residential street climbing from via Gregorio VII above St Peter station and the time you need (especially when you'll get back at the apartment) is also dependent by the point of the street where the apartment is. 
            I know two addresses that are for sure within a walking distance: Le Vele at more or less 10-15 minutes and Ombre e Cicheti at 5 minutes. The first serves mainly fish based meals while the other has traditional venetian cuisine. Both of them are not touristy. Close to le Vele you can also taste excellent cannoli siciliani at Pasticceria Svizzera and one of our favorite ice-creams at Vice Gelateria.
            Hope it helps.


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          That's very true. I walked most of the day for 5 days touring the sites and my feet were throbbing at the end of every day. Those cobblestones are killers!