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Aug 12, 2011 01:49 PM

Zucchini blossoms?

Hi 'Hounds!

Happy Friday to ya!

Anyone have a source for zucchini blossoms?

I tried the Farmers' Market in Raleigh but nobody has them (and every stall operator looked at me funny.)



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  1. First recommendation is to grow your own. Even in a pot. From seed to blossom will only take a few (maybe 3 or 4) weeks and it's not too late.

    Otherwise, if you ask the vendors at most farmers markets they will usually agree to bring some the following week if you'll commit to buying them. Most vendors are reluctant to take the trouble to offer them because they have to get up early in the morning to pick them before bringing to the market in order to offer them fresh - and they're usually getting up pretty early already on market day. Because the shelf life is so short, they're not worth the effort unless you have a guaranteed buyer.

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      SalMonela, best screen name yet.

      I agree. Just grow your own. It's easy.

    2. So I take this to be a no... Nobody has any regular source for blossoms. I can grow them, certainly, but that doesn't supply them to me on demand. Thanks anyway, Pigeage

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        Thursday mornings at Broadway and 115 st or so there is a vendor who offers zucchini blossoms every week in the summer. But the commute from Raleigh to NYC would be not so practical.

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          I think Sal's advice is the best your going to get. Go to your market of choice, and ask the vendors selling zucchini if they will sell you blossoms on the next market day. It just isn't worth their time and effort to bring blossoms everyday if they don't know someone is going to buy them.

          Which market did you try in Raleigh? The state farmers' market off Lake Wheeler Rd? That market doesn't have the best selection of "specialty" produce. Try one of the smaller weekly markets. I'm not as familiar with the Raleigh market scene, but I know there are several truly local/seasonal markets that operate weekly.

        2. We've also searched high and low for them. A vendor at the Carrboro Farmers' Market had some, so we snapped them up, but this was weeks ago. This has been the only place that we've seen them. Unfortunately, I can't remember which one it was - I didn't take note of the name. But, it might be worth looking around there.

          1. I haven't seen any around, but if I were looking for them I would try El Superior in Durham, Compare Foods, or any of the Latino markets. Ask for "flor de calabaza." They are used in a lot of Mexican (esp Oaxacan) cooking, so that's the place that I would start. You might check with Charlie Deal at Dos Perros... he would probably know if they are available in the area.

            Dos Perros
            200 N Mangum St. Suite 101, Durham, NC 27701