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Aug 12, 2011 12:59 PM

Spice Grinder - which is best?

I recently purchased some spices and a mortar and pestle. Some of the spice blends require a spice grinder. From what I understand, most of the coffee/spice grinders get poor reviews. Out of frustration, I've even tried a hammer! Which is best for less cost for home use? (i.e. under $50).

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  1. A mortor and Pestle is the best way but if you don;t want to put in the muscle a blade type coffee grinder works fine IMO.

    1. Got this tip from another chowhounder.... haunt the discount electronics sites e.g

      I got a great quality burr grinder for a fraction of the cost..although I have to say that unless you are grinding large quantities of spices get yourself a good quality peppermill or medium quality blade grinder.
      BTW, the moderator is going to move your post, cause it is not Ontario specific

      1. elvisahmed - I have tried with a mortar and pestle, but cannot get them ground up fine enough.

        sweetie- interesting tip, will check. I put Ontario because I wanted to make sure I could purchase it close by

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          Yeah I know what you mean by not getting it fine enough. As for other options I would just go with a blade type coffee grinder as they work out just fine. I got one for around 10$ from Walmart and it works just fine. If you don;t mind spending the extra $$ go for krups options mentioned here (I wouldn't cheap out on a coffee grinder but for spices I don't think it matters IMO)

        2. KRUPS FAST-TOUCH COFFEE MILL, MODEL 203 - Cooks illustrated tested 12 models and this came out on top. Its is only $20, I own one and it is the best. I found mine through Zellers but i'm sure you could find somewhere online to ship you one so you don't have to go on a search for the specific model.

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            I have this one, too, based on ATK's review. I bought mine at Bed Bath and Beyond for like $25 in Toronto.

            Personally, I had a mortar and pestle and had problems with coriander seeds. Now there is no problem! :)

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              I have been using this one for 25 years with no problem.

            2. I have the Cuisinart spice & nut grinder, which works well and fits your price constraint:

              I haven't tried any others, so can't say "which is the best".