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Aug 12, 2011 12:28 PM

Hornblower Cruise - how is food for large group (buy-out)

Hi there! I am looking at an Alcatraz Tour and dinner cruise with Hornblower. The sales rep has been great to deal with however a contact of mine advised the food isn't ideal and the onboard service is sub-par. I haven't been able to find many reviews about this company - anyone out there have an expeience they want to share?

BTW - my group is 125 people. If you think Hornblower isn't ideal do you have any recomendations for a restaurant expereince that has a bit of a "wow" facot in terms of ambiance, decor, fun (food, of course). etc

Your feedback is very much appreciated!

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  1. My company had function a few years ago on a dinner cruise in the bay -- while I didn't go, the consensus from the people that did go was that being on a boat for 3 hours having dinner and wine amounted to a lot of sick people.

    What about Teatro Zinzanni? The food isn't spectacular, but you do have a fun show to watch.

    1. I went to a company holiday party about 3 years ago. I was very skeptical about doing this in December because of weather, but it was a clear night and I don't remember anyone having any problems getting sick.

      The food was a buffet and it was about what you would expect from a mid-range hotel banquet room buffet. Salmon, chicken, salads, etc.The wines that were served were fine, although not top of the line (I suppose you can specify what you want depending on your budget) and there was also a full bar.

      No problem with service, although with a buffet what do you need. There was also a DJ with music and dancing for the evening entertainment.

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        I've been on a couple of daytime brunch cruises with 100+ people and I didn't notice anyone seasick. It was windy so the Captain announced that he would be cruising slower than normal.

        As mentioned earlier, the food is fine for a buffet. Service was good enough. Everyone I spoke with who attended thoroughly enjoyed it since they don't get to do it often. I would go again.

      2. We also had a company party, years ago. I get seasick easily, but was not in a position to stay away (politics). While in fact I didn't get seasick (and I didn't see anyone else get sick either), the main problem was being stuck for three hours with a bunch of increasingly drunk co-workers. I'd love to have been able to sneak away after dinner. Food was unmemorable.

        1. Thanks to all for feedback! Nice to know the overall consensus isn't that bad... Teatro Zinzanni looks like a fun option to consider as well, thanks for the suggestion!

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            have u thought of doing a "test run" at each place so u can make a decision on the basis of your own experience and knowledge of the people attending? Of course this assume you're in the area.

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