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$39.90 for Parmesan RIND?!?! [moved from Not About Food]

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I was just shopping at the cheese counter at a local grocery store when I noticed they were selling Parmesan cheese rind for $39.90/kg. I've never seem this befire, but I guess they grated some cheese to sell pre-grated and then decided to sell the VERY thin rind left over. Aside from the ridiculous price being charged, I also think that if someone is going to throw the rind into sauce, soup, etc, they will probably take the 30 seconds to grate their own cheese.

Am I the only one surprised by this?

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  1. You are not. Holy cow! $39.90? That's mind boggling!

    1. I wonder if that was a misprint, and they intended to sell it for $3.99/kilo?

      1. That's about $18/lb for us 'Mericans...does seem a little steep for just the rind unless it's particularly aged & precious. OTOH, seems like all the good cheeses are above $20/lb, so maybe it's not that crazy. Is that the same price as the rest of the parmesan, or is the rind priced differently?

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          The rind is priced $10/kg less than the wedges of cheese, which have the rind attached. It is real Parmesan with the stamp on the rind, but it's just standard grocery store Parmesan. I do not buy my Parmesan here; my standard source sells it for about $26/kg, which is far less than this store's rinds.

        2. Go to Costco. In Toronto $29 per kg, parmigiano regiano cheese and rind.

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            I buy my Parmesan at Costco in Halifax. But it's only $26.99 here, rind attached.

          2. thats absurdly expensive for the rind. That'd be like charging full price of actual lobsters for just the shells.

            1. In the Boston area, reggiano typically runs US$15-18 per lb (or US$33-$40/kg), though one can find it on sale for US$11ish/lb ($US25/kg).