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Aug 12, 2011 11:32 AM

$39.90 for Parmesan RIND?!?! [moved from Not About Food]

I was just shopping at the cheese counter at a local grocery store when I noticed they were selling Parmesan cheese rind for $39.90/kg. I've never seem this befire, but I guess they grated some cheese to sell pre-grated and then decided to sell the VERY thin rind left over. Aside from the ridiculous price being charged, I also think that if someone is going to throw the rind into sauce, soup, etc, they will probably take the 30 seconds to grate their own cheese.

Am I the only one surprised by this?

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  1. You are not. Holy cow! $39.90? That's mind boggling!

    1. I wonder if that was a misprint, and they intended to sell it for $3.99/kilo?

      1. That's about $18/lb for us 'Mericans...does seem a little steep for just the rind unless it's particularly aged & precious. OTOH, seems like all the good cheeses are above $20/lb, so maybe it's not that crazy. Is that the same price as the rest of the parmesan, or is the rind priced differently?

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        1. re: babette feasts

          The rind is priced $10/kg less than the wedges of cheese, which have the rind attached. It is real Parmesan with the stamp on the rind, but it's just standard grocery store Parmesan. I do not buy my Parmesan here; my standard source sells it for about $26/kg, which is far less than this store's rinds.

        2. Go to Costco. In Toronto $29 per kg, parmigiano regiano cheese and rind.

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          1. re: mexivilla

            I buy my Parmesan at Costco in Halifax. But it's only $26.99 here, rind attached.

          2. thats absurdly expensive for the rind. That'd be like charging full price of actual lobsters for just the shells.