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Aug 12, 2011 11:19 AM

Caterer in SF that makes Paella?

I am looking for a caterer who will make a traditional paella for a small-ish family gathering.
Any recommendations? It doesn't have to be a caterer who only specializes in paella, but I would like one who will not Americanize the dish and will keep it traditional.

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  1. Venga Paella

    Also, hola paella in cupertino.

    Not sure if they cater, but Gerard's. Looks like they have a 25 person minimum.

    Hope one of these pan out.

    Venga Paella
    453 66th Street, C Oakland, CA

    1. Ann Walker. She and her husband wrote a book on Spanish food and wine a number of years ago. I had her cater a birthday party for 6 with tapas and paella a year or so ago (I won an exceptional bargain in a charity silent auction) and it was fabulous -- perfect paella with a nice bit of bottom crust.

      1. Depending on the size of the event, you could also takeout a few portions from a restaurant that serves paella.

        For example Pasion on Irving serves a South American influenced paella that we liked very much. Piqueo's on Cortland serves paella. I haven't tried it there, but the rest of the menu is very good.

        830 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110

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          Patio Espanol, SF caters Spanish food including Paella.

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            I called Patio EspaƱol - they don't cater.
            Thanks everyone for your help.

            1. re: Mari

              They used to cater many parties in-house.

        2. A friend hired Eduardo Balaguer for a party a few years ago and he made a great paella; I think the group size was between 10 and 20 people. Eduardo was also a good conversationalist and a nice addition to the party. Perhaps the only negative is that if a guest brings some good Spanish wine, he'll be more than happy to share it. ;-)

          Would work out better if there is a place for him to cook outdoors.

          The card that he gave me lists the company as Vale Vale Bodega Espana at 415-377-6392. However, a web search turns up a new company based in Oakland (same phone number):

          1. Raquel Hermosilla of Spain at home does a great job. She did a rehearsal dinner for 30 folks at our home and did a magnificent paella as well as outstanding tapas for us. Guests loved watching the process. She was highly recommended, was most professional...and friendly and easy to work with...and her paella was wonderfully traditional. She will adapt to whatever size group you need.