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Aug 12, 2011 09:34 AM

seven springs resort

Have to attend a conference at Seven Springs. Is there anything worthwhile any place near it. it seems to be in the middle of nowhere.

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  1. Yes and No... It can depend on what time of year and days of the week. 7 Springs , "top notcch" place is called Helen's ... I went to a whiskey dinner thing there a year or so ago.. It was really good food, NOT cheap but good. Bar area imho is very cool You will have to check with 7 springs, but there use to be a big seafood buffet called king neptune... not sure if that exists anymore

    The problem with 7 springs other restaruants (besides Helens) is the inconsistancey... Sometimes the food is fresh and wonderfull next time its bad...

    If you have a car and don't mind taking a little trip... Out of the fire Care in Donegal is one of my favorite places to eat ... Great Views of the mountains...

    Also, Lignoier is a town near by... ( I have never been) but haear really good reviews.....

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      We went to Out of the Fire Cafe and it was wonderful. What is this place doing here? It was really very nice. Highly endorse this place. I had a veal chop special that was perfectly cooked. Service also very good. Just did not expect to find something this nice at that location

      Out of the Fire Cafe
      3782 State Route 31, Donegal, PA 15628

      1. re: lancastermike

        ... the name pretty much says it all.
        the story I heard (don't quote me, plz) was that the owner (or was it chef) burned down a restaurant in Vancouver...

        Or you could just say he got bored with Vancouver. But that's the Boring Version.

        1. re: Chowrin

          No... the name came from the predicessor buolding which actually did burn down. Get it?? Out of the fire emerged this. The owner Jeff has lived in this area forever

        2. re: lancastermike

          Its good to hear you enjoyed it!! It looks like a sleeper from the outside.. changes once you step foot in... The snow fall makes for a unbelievable back drop... Its by far one of my favorite places to go

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            OUt of the fire.
            Helen's at 7 Springs.
            Laurel mtn inn has good ribs and prime rib

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          1. Babe's Place, in New Derry, is a bit of a drive, but damn good food (arrive late, pizza isn't served before 8 I believe. Someone doublecheck me?)

            Babe's Place
            949 Pizza Barn Rd, Blairsville, PA 15717

            1. I wanted to thank everyone who recommended Out of the Fire Cafe - terrific place. It's an easy stop off I70/76 and there are a couple of hotels within a mile of the place, which gains it extra bonus points for me.

              Even though it had been a hot day, by the early evening the back deck was a lovely place to be, perfectly relaxing after a day of driving. I had brought a couple of half-bottles so I could chose one depending on what we ate...and ended up opening both.

              A lot's happened since we ate there, so I'm a little fuzzy on details (or maybe it was the wine!) but I clearly remember the terrific crab cake with asparagus and the pork special, which was flavorful and juicy...and the copper river salmon. It was all pretty filling, and my wife couldn't finish the fish. We were travelling, and didn't see a way to take it...our fabulous waiter (Jophiel from the tab) wouldn't let it go-he wrapped it in foil, sealed it in a bag and then sealed that in a bigger bag with ice. Worked perfectly, and we were able to enjoy the rest at the end of the next day.

              You gotta love a guy that committed to the food he serves.
              We were among the last to leave on a Monday night around 8:30, but they were great and didn't rush us at all. Nice coffee, too.

              Great spot - will most certainly stop there again next time we pass that way.

              One extra food note-you can take 31 from Somerset, in case you do what we did and stop at the Summit Diner for a little pie-it's an easy ride up the road.

              Summit Diner
              791 N Center Ave, Somerset, PA 15501

              Out of the Fire Cafe
              3782 State Route 31, Donegal, PA 15628