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Doylestown - Rehearsal Dinner

wandasue Aug 12, 2011 09:30 AM

What restaurants in Doylestown have private party facilities for a sit-down rehearsal dinner for up to 50?

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    cwdonald RE: wandasue Aug 12, 2011 10:04 AM

    Freight House in Doylestown definitely has space (think steak house...)

    Slate Bleu probably could accomodate (French Cuisine in the Agriculture Center in the middle of town.

    Knights House probably can (small plates/new american with a bit of an asian flair)

    Bobby Simon's probably could.

    Baci in Buckingham can accomadate .. northern italian cuisine.

    Gardenville Inn just outside of Doylestown could accomodate.

    Further afield you have other choices in Buckingham, north on 611 in Pipersville, New Hope, and along the river.

    Going West you could find places in Montgomeryville (Joseph Ambler Inn)

    What type of food/atmosphere are you looking for, and how close to Doylestown does it need to be.

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      wandasue RE: cwdonald Aug 12, 2011 10:56 AM

      We would prefer to stay in town. We'll have many OOT guests who will be invited for cocktails later. I'm familiar with Slate Bleu and Knight House. Not a fan of Freight House (much money for mediocre food/service). Is anyone familiar with Paganini's for a private party? How about Villa Barolo? I know it's out of town, but it's near the hotel.

      1. re: wandasue
        cwdonald RE: wandasue Aug 12, 2011 11:07 AM

        I know both Paganini whose food I REALLY do not like and Villa Barolo Villa Barolo in Warrington is definitlely an option. I like their fish, I am not a fan of their pasta dishes. They definitely have the capacity in addition to little things like valet parking.

        If you bought out the whole restaurant you could do Honey which is my mind the best restaurant in Doylestown.

        Other option might be to do catering at the James Michner Museum. They have a catering company they work with thats pretty good. Same holds for the Mercer Museum and Fonthill.

        1. re: cwdonald
          cwdonald RE: cwdonald Aug 13, 2011 09:44 AM

          One more place ot consider is the Water Wheel Inn on Old Easton Road. Have capacity. Standard continental food. But definitely avoid Paganini like the plague.

          1. re: cwdonald
            Jdbc RE: cwdonald Aug 13, 2011 11:02 AM

            Second the avoidance of Paganini. I've been to a couple of Christmas parties at the Wagon Wheel, and although the food is standard, they do a decent job.

    2. w
      wandasue RE: wandasue Aug 13, 2011 12:32 PM

      Thanks for the suggestions (and the warnings!).

      1. c
        cava8 RE: wandasue Aug 13, 2011 04:51 PM

        Certainly agree that Paganini is awful and FreightHouse is overpriced and mediocre. Chambers could handle 50 (talk to Matt) , I guess Bobby Simone's can handle 50 with the new upstairs and is consistently good. One other thought might be Il Melagrano on the north end of town, very nice.

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        1. re: cava8
          cwdonald RE: cava8 Aug 16, 2011 09:04 AM

          Il Melograno is definitely some of the best italian food in Bucks County, though you would have to rent out the whole restaurant as it is a single room in a strip mall. But definitely good food.

        2. c
          curly girl RE: wandasue Aug 13, 2011 09:11 PM

          Have been to Villa Barolo and enjoyed our meal. They do have private rooms available. In addition to the great suggestions above, I would also recommend M.O.M.'s - Maxwell's on Main. The owners are really nice guys and if you went in to personally meet with them, I am sure they could come up with a special menu/price for your rehearsal dinner.

          1. famdoc RE: wandasue Aug 15, 2011 10:27 PM

            Vine and Fig Tree, across from the County Theater, serves excellent bistro-style cooking. The owner/chef, Drew, comes from the area, is very friendly and can probably accommodate 50, particularly if the dinner is during Summer/early Fall, as he can seat about 20 outdoors.

            1. j
              jfr RE: wandasue Aug 16, 2011 06:28 AM

              With a group as large as 50, there may be someone who might have difficulty with stairs. If that is the case, that would probably leave out Knight House. Both Villa Barolo and Baci have been better in the past but are still pretty good. It has been approximately a year since we have been to either as there are better places for dining. All comments have been quite accurate, so this is all I can add.

              1. w
                wandasue RE: wandasue Aug 17, 2011 12:53 PM

                The MOG is interested in Bobby Simone's Has anyone been to a private event there?

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                1. re: wandasue
                  cava8 RE: wandasue Aug 19, 2011 06:32 AM

                  We go to Bobby's often, but have never been to a private event there. Bob is present at the restaurant often, but he may have a specific person who handles private events, just inquire. If they can accommodate you size-wise, I feel confident you will be pleased with the results. Good food, nice people.

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