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Aug 12, 2011 08:33 AM

Carroll Gardens Fish Store--Brooklyn

Just wanted to show some respect to the Carroll Gardens Fish Market on Court Street next to Esposito's Pork. I do most of my fish shopping at Fish Tales but over the years I've always dug this other shop, somewhat out of my way, even when it was darker, older and less glam, back in the 90's. It is now totally bright, modern and more appealing. It smells impeccable and I think it actually has a wider selection than FT. Might not even be cheaper than FT anymore. I am not interested in drumming up a competition, just in acknowledging this place as more than just a compromise alternative. It's still enough out of my way that I don't get there often but just a heads-up to anyone who remembers this from dingier days gone by--you may be pleasantly surprised.
btw--I just picked up some 7 count Jumbo Shrimp. 7. Saddle-worthy. They also have stuff like baby octopus and squid tentacles, sorts of stuff I don't find at FT.
Total respect to Fish Tales which remains my local, go-to place--nothing negative here.

Carroll Gardens Fish Market
359 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Fish Tales
191 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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  1. Jon - I live by Court & Atlantic, which is why I always go to FT, just a lot closer, I've walked past CGFM a few times but never really had a reason to go in. Besides the octopus and squid, anything else special they usually get in there fish or shellfish-wise? Do they get live lobster in?

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      They used to have a lobster tank but they ditched that. Just as well---it wasn't very robust. They have a lot of frozen stuff & some sushi---that is of zero interest to me, considering the number of adequate to good sushi sources around. But no, nothing comes to mind to recommend them as a destination. I'm also at Atlantic so the only time I get down toward Carroll St. is if I'm driving by or if I'm down in that direction for other reasons. I guess the point of the post was that if you do happen to be down that way, they are a good option that is not necessarily second tier.

      1. re: JonL

        Do you know where to get sushi grade fish, especially yellowtail?

        1. re: Barry Strugatz

          If you mean yellow fin tuna, Fish Tales has frozen blocks of it (or used to). Yellow tail, I don't believe I've ever seen around here. Actually I've been meaning to stop by to ask if they will be carrying the NY State farmed hamachi that the NYTimes wrote about.

          1. re: Barry Strugatz

            This thread may be of help.


            But I haven't seen yellowtail. I'll bet that they would probably carry it at some of the Japanese markets in Manhattan.

            1. re: Miss Needle

              Thanks. I've tried Sunshine in Manhattan, their stuff is spotty. Found the best at Mitsuwa in NJ. Any other NYC places you know of?

              1. re: Barry Strugatz

                Unfortunately no. I agree that Mitsuwa is the best in the area. It seems that a lot of people have had good results ordering from Catalina -- I'm not one of them. Their yellowtail was off when I received it.

                I've given up on quality sushi-grade fish in NYC markets. This isn't Hawaii. I'm okay with eating NYC sushi-grade fish raw in preps like hwe dup bap, ceviche, poke -- anything where the quality is slightly masked. But if I'm just having pure sashimi or sushi, I get it at restaurants.

      2. I also visit both Fish Tales and CGFM. Fish Tales does have a nicer vibe in terms of decor, but both are pretty good. I'm from Maryland and love to steam live blue crabs in the summer. You can't get live crabs at Fish Tales, but CGFM carries them. And they're very affordable - about $10/dz last time I was in there.

        1. Respect to both Carroll Gardens Fish Market and Fish Tales noted! Much respect!

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          1. re: captainspacefood

            Yeh, I am a chinatown guy.. I have always found fish tales to be stupid expensive.. But, sadly there are no really good fish markets available in Brooklyn, that I have seen.. I use to live next to Citarella 2 years ago on the UWS and that place made me cry after I visited it a few weekends ago..

            I have a hook up at Pierless fish and go there sometimes if I am going to be entertaining. Or cooking for NY Bite Club.

            You know you were a good customer when you haven't been in a place for two years and the guys come from behind the counter to shake your hand and give you a little bump..