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Aug 12, 2011 08:02 AM


Hi all - I know this is a really narrow question as Montreux is a small town, but I wonder whether anyone can recommend a restaurant or two for dinner. We will be staying at the Fairmont, and would also appreciate any intel on the dining options there for any time of day! I'm expecting expensive mediocrity (we're not going there for the food), but if there's anything worth trying would love to know about it... thanks!

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  1. I'm in Montreux often enough to confirm your suspicions - expect expensive mediocrity.

    Report back if you find something interesting, as I'm always underwhelmed by the restaurants in Montreux.

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      Indeed - can't say we found anything all that interesting to eat, although it is a gorgeous town. We enjoyed a meal at Le Palais Oriental (and loved the weirdness of the name) - strictly stuck with the Iranian food and it was on par with decent options in NYC, just about 150% of the price. One thing I was surprise by was the bountiful portions - we could have very easily split one or two starters/mains and been just fine. We also thought the "American breakfast" from Fairmont room service was, in the context of Montreux, a pretty darn good deal - very tasty and way more than enough food for two people, for something like 35 CHF. I would not, however, recommend the Terrase (sp?) restaurant at the hotel - very very average food. Overall wasn't a foodie trip but the views more than made up for it!