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Aug 12, 2011 07:50 AM

Graham, Snow Camp, White Cross, Saxapahaw NC recs

Hello -

What is great (or at least good or interesting) in these towns?


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  1. My wife and I live in Saxapahaw and are (well-documented) fans of the general store, the Eddy pub, and the new coffee shop (Cup-22). For me, there isn't better food in Alamance County, probably not in Chatham or, on good days, Orange either).

    We avoid it Saturdays in the Summer because of the crowds. Taco Night Tuesdays at the cafe are highly recommended. It is a good chance to taste broadly across the menu (the taco fillings track closely to the entrees on the regular specials rotation) without breaking the bank or the belt. In general, anything braised is going to be tasty. Their breads are also starting to get very good.

    In Graham, I've had a bunch of good things at the taqueria that in the same strip as the Food Lion on 87. The do a particularly over the top version of a torta cubana. Barrister's Cafe downtown is ok, pretty pedestrian. I'd almost always just rather drive down to Saxapahaw.

    In White Cross, the list starts and ends with Fiesta Grill. Their weekend specials, mole, and carnitas are excellent.

    As to Snow Camp, there are those, including foodie friends who swear by Ye Olde Country Kitchen. I like it about 1/2 of the time. I've also had a few good meals at the diner out there, Yesterday's Grill. A few things. though, tasted like they went from can to pot to plate. Very good hushpuppies, though.

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      Will second the Saxapahaw General Store restaurant. Have never had a bad meal there. We eat there 3 or 4 times a month.

      The Eddy, however, we've found to be hit and miss - we've been 4 times since they opened and it's kinda like UHaul - it's an adventure every time. We'll probably go back since none of us have died from anything we've gotten there, but for the prices they charge I can find other venues better.