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Cold Greek main dish?

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I'm doing a picnic with a Greek theme and I'm having trouble finding a main dish that I can serve cold (or at room temp). I'd love to do lamb or sausages but every recipe I see says "serve hot." Anyone have ideas for me? Please?!

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  1. Dolmades: stuffed vine or grapeleaves, done with rice, minced lamb, onion....you could add some ground sausage to the mixture too, too. Greek meatballs would be a fine room-temp option also, or marinated leg of lamb (but I truly prefer most of my foods room temp. so bear that in mind.) I know these things would all hold up fine, though.

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      Totally agree w/ above. On food network.com, Bobby Flay's recipe for Greek Orzo & Grilled Shrimp Salad is also very good (and easy). I can vouch that it's nice cold.


    2. I like to give chicken thighs a nice long marinade in oregano, crushed red pepper, lemon juice, garlic, vinegar and olive oil, then grill. Set aside, maybe slice if you want. Grill sliced red onions, sliced eggplant, slized zucchini, and a few skewers of cherry tomatoes. Throw everything on a big old platter and serve with a feta and yogurt sauce, hummus, and pita. Nothing needs to be hot. It stays delicious. Everyone can scoop and dip as they like.

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        This would be my mainstream Greek entree to serve.

      2. Well, while it would probably freak out many mainstream Americans, it bears mentioning that Greek octopus dishes are often best at room temp. Just food for thought...

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          What a great thing to think of....and if they're grilling they could do that there, too...

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            I'm glad I'm not the only one to find this appealing! Average Americans cannot usually bring an open mind to octopus.

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              My mind's pretty open to the Universal food Gestalt. Plus I love octopus.

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                My cousin was at a party and loved one of the food offerings - in fact he could hardly get enough of it. When he finally asked what it was and could he have the recipe and he was told it was octupus, he literally turned green and ran for the bathroon. It just proves that our built-in biases about food are true.

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            I'm okay with octopus but more than half the group aren't - including the guest of honor.

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              You did a poll? Worthy effort, but unsurprising result.

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                No poll, I'm basing it on my knowledge of the guests (all family). They won't even eat fried calamari.

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                  Okay. I vote with the spanakopita folks, then. Though katecm's grilling scheme looks delicious, too.

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              My 12 yo son loves octopus. He is my pickiest eater but loves octopus. Go figure.

            3. Spanakopita.

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              2. Not sure how Greek it is, but Ina's Greek panzanella would be nice for a picnic:


                1. We ended up with so much rain forecast we had our picnic indoors : (

                  I made: tsatsiki, skordalia, meatballs, zucc. fritters, spanakopita, a greek style chopped salad and served olives, sardines and pita. It was great. Thanks for all the help!