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Aug 12, 2011 06:41 AM

Virginia BEach restaurants

I have a friend moving near the Dam Neck, Virginia area, and I want to get a gift certificate to a great restaurant where he can take some of his friends. Maybe $150-$200 for drinks and dinner. Probably should include great local seafood! Top 3 favorites would be great.

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  1. These are all fancy-ish places, based on your price range, with local seafood. All on/near the water.

    1. Eat - An American Bistro in Virginia Beach (40th and Atlantic)
    2. One Fish Two Fish in Virginia Beach (near Shore Drive, off Old Great Neck Road)
    3. Mahi Mah's (6th St and Atlantic)

    One Fish Two Fish
    2109 West Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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    1. re: peachyk

      peachyk, Many thanks for responding . It is a group of guys so I do not want dress to be too demanding. Could they wear jeans? Thanks!

      1. re: ftmagellan

        In VB, there are few places you cannot go in jeans and flip flops. It's a tourist town.
        For all three spots, they'd fine in jeans and collared shirts.
        One Fish Two fish is the fanciest of the three, but folks go there on boats and tie up at the dock outside.

    2. The Side Street Cantina is a pretty good place for a group of guys. Its a bit on the divey side but the food can be quite good.

      1. 1. If you want more upscale, then Steinhilbers is the place. It is the old established place to go in Va Beach. Waiters in white jackets, etc.

        2. The Boardwok is near the Dam Neck area. It is one of my favorite places. It is a fusion of Chinses, Polynesian, and American food. Everything is very fresh, and reasonably priced. Best hot & sour soup I've had.

        3. Margie and Rays is also fairly close. Probably not a gift certificate kind of place. Very old southern style mostly fried seafood shack. The Hurricane Margie is a plate of food for around 35.00 that will feed four people.

        Steinhilber's Restaurant
        653 Thalia Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

        Boardwok Restaurant
        1993 Sandbridge Rd Ste 109, Virginia Beach, VA 23456