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Aug 12, 2011 06:32 AM

Do you prefer your produce pre-wrapped or not?

I've been thinking about produce at the supermarket. I avoid one of the main supermarkets near me because most of their fresh vegetables is pre-wrapped. I think it is wasteful to encase a head of broccoli in plastic, and I don't like it when smaller items are pre-packaged because the amounts never seem to be what I want.

What do you prefer? Why?

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  1. I won't buy pre-grouped produce, like the four peppers on a foam tray that my local supermarket stocks. But then, I'm the sort of person who selects each cherry or piece of okra individually. Wrapping a head of broccoli in plastic wouldn't keep me from buying it, but I agree that it is wasteful.

    1. I'd never trust a store that pre-wraps their produce. What are they hiding?

      1. I don't even use the provided produce bags for unwrapped stuff. I don't buy pre-wrapped stuff.

        1. Absolutely not. Besides being wasteful, I want to inspect produce before purchasing it.

          1. The only pre packed items i buy are because I think it would be too difficult or injure the produce if they weren`t packed. Two examples: small berries (blue,rasp,black,straw ect) and things like grape tomatoes. Oh and baby carrots. Also celery hearts which I see no reason to be pre packed.