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Saigon Subs in Randolph

I was driving by a little strip mall on N Main St/Rt 28 in Randolph and saw a sign for a new storefront-Saigon Subs. Anybody try it yet? I have high hopes for a bahn mi kind of a place.

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  1. I work in Milton and have been checking out various Dorchester banh mi shops this summer. I'll have to add this place to my list.

    1. awesome to hear...they have a great pho place in randolph, vietnamese sub would be a welcome addition as we have family down there. let us know how it is!

      1. OK gang, I got the name slightly wrong- it is N&H Saigon Sub. I just went to grab myself a quick lunch and am eating it while posting. First impression: clean. Very clean. The staff was very nice, including the owner, who introduced himself and filled me in on his place. Prices are fantastic ($3.00-5.00) with a limited menu. I got a cold cut sub. Roll is perfect, fresh and crusty and filled with nice vegs and not too heavy on cold cuts. I also grabbed some shrimp summer rolls(?) that were already boxed up on a table by the counter. Total was only $5.40! Try and beat that, McDonalds! Too sum up, super clean, super fresh and very tasty. I will come back, probably often. Only down side is parking but that really wasn't that bad. I parked behind the building and was able to exit thru the back of the restaurant to get to my car.

        1. O yay!

          Where on North Main--this extends from 128 into the center. Is it by the Crawfish place (which has good vietnamese) or further north?

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            Oh, good! Another person who thinks this is great! It is closer to Rt. 128, in between a gas station and a little strip mall/plaza. Across the street from Stash's pizza, if I remember right. Near a Domino's pizza and a frame shop and I think an oriental market.

            I really was impressed with how nice the staff was. Friendly and eager to please-how often does that happen nowadays? Plus the food was really good-my husband ate the leftover summer roll and was really pleased. I might just go tomorrow for lunch-they do the traditional vietnamese meatballs. I feel hungry just thinking about it. :)

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              Thanks! very convenient. Can't wait to try.

          2. Thask again for the tip.

            Tried it yesterday. got the grilled pork bahn mi and shrimp fresh rolls. both very tasty. While Pho Viet is still tops--this is great to have in the area--right off 128 in north Randolph.

            RE: parking--there's a lot servicing the plaza to it's immediate right as you face the building.

            Pho Viet
            1095 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

            1. Stopped by a couple of days ago and wanted to try their grilled pork banh mi but was told that they were out of pork so I'd settled for the grilled beef w/pate. The woman that was working behind the counter used to work at Pho So 1-Randolph.

              I think the sandwich was okay. Some bits of the beef was a little tough. Pate was a bit too livery tasting, the pickled carrots were sliced too thick and not pickled long enough. Only got 2 sprigs of cilantro. I believe they use the bread from Chau Bakery in Dorchester-not my fave for I think the bread is a little bit too light and airy.

              They have listed cold cuts, meatball, chicken, pork and beef but might not have everything daily.

              There is another banh mi sandwich shop opening up in Randolph near the town square called Le's Sandwiches-windows are covered up and don't know when it's opening but can't wait to try it. It's nice that the south shore is getting some options without having to go to Boston.

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                Chocomom-my sandwich did not have pate--and I would have liked it. Did you ask for it especially?

                As I recall, I believe she did ask me if I wanted coldcuts (so I thought at the time) and I said no--maybe that was my pate opportunty?

                Waht do you think?

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                  Yes, I'd asked for it to be added on it. I always judge a banh mi shop by their pate, grilled meats (the way it's seasoned) and the bread they use.

                  Normally the only sub that comes with pate is the cold cut.

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                    Thanks--I will be sure to ask for it next time.

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                  My cold cut ba'nh mi` have pate but no pate taste, which makes it so bland...I couldn't finish it. I'll give it another try and complain about the tasteless pate with them.

                3. Went again today with my husband and noticed they now have a few seats and tables. New menu as well. Prices are still very reasonable and still clean as a whistle. Husband tried a bahn mi with roasted chicken that was really quite good and I did cold cut again. Haven't tried any bubble drinks but they are available in many flavors. Also saw many asian dishes that are off menu specials that looked intriguing. I like the place-cheap, cheerful and quick.

                  1. I stopped in there today - very very close to the 128 interchange, less than a mile. Had a grilled pork Bahn Mi - could have used more spice, and the carrots a bit more "pickle." I'd go again - and just emphasize the "turn up the heat" in the order. Friendly service - they've been open like 6 weeks.

                    1. Ok-I went again today.

                      Got the meatball bahn mi--asked for it extra spicy. So good! Dripping with Sriracha and lots of peppers.

                      I asked how business was-they said slowly but surely people are discovering them. So I wanted to get the word out on it again: this is a great little stop and a short jaunt off the highway. Now--I have a question. To supplement my bahn mi (not that it needed it!), I also got one of their prepared meals.

                      It has crepe-like items, lightly filled with something--I don't know what. Some seem like shrimp paste some seem like ground beef. I believe these are rice flour wrappers. Very like a loose, flat dumpling, with a tasty sweet-sour rice vinegar sauce and cold cuts on top. The cold cut is a whitiish, quarter-inch thick rounded rectangle cut if half.

                      What is all this?? It is tasty.

                      I like the flavors, but if I ever wanted to recommend this dish to anyone I could not verbalize it. Sadly, the nice man inside told me what was in it---that's what made me get it, but my sieve-like mind (hey, I was up late afer the Mellencamp concert -go Melly- last night) could not retain the info.

                      Any ideas?


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                        Anyone know when they open? Sometimes its easier just to get off the highway on the morning commute

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                          I did not notice and couldn't fid on their website. but here is ph--(781) 963-8800.

                      2. Its name is N & H Saigon Sub and they have a website at www.nhsaigonsub.com

                        Its location is now shown on the map on the right of this web page (the one you're looking at now while reading this post).

                        N & H Saigon Sub
                        1185 N Main St, Randolph, MA 02368