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Aug 12, 2011 05:27 AM

Myrtle Beach, SC

Will be in that area shortly, spefically North Myrtle Beach -food in the area is generally horrific, nothing but chains and deep fried everything - is there anything worthwhile, all and any style .Have heard that the " The Original Mr Fish" might be okay anything else - Thanks

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  1. Prosser's in Murrells Inlet is the best out of the hundreds of restaurants

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    1. re: HotMelly

      Thank you we are staying in the North Myrtle Beach area and will certainly give it a try - I have been told that Murrell Inlet is above average for most of its dining experience

    2. Snooky's in Little River (above NMB and before the state line) is a great "locals" place with outstanding seafood. They serve both lunch and dinner. When we're even remotely close to that area it's a must do stop for us.

      Also, we've gotten a pretty good steak at Carolina Roadhouse on various occasions. Plus, their honey buttered yeast rolls alone are worth a visit.

      Carolina Roadhouse
      4617 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

      4495 Baker St, Little River, SC 29566

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      1. re: goodeatsinadive

        Very close to where we will be staying and will definately give them both a try Thanks

      2. hi there anthony,
        I live in nmb and would like to mention some restaurants. If you head toward Little River you will easily find The Parsons Table. It is in an old refurbished church. It is a four star award winning rrestaurant. Just a great place. Also in the nmb area there is a fine Italian place called Benny Rappas. Right in the center of Ocean Drive on 17 is E Noodles a great little hidden gem. If you go to Calabash for lunch try the Calabash Seafood Hut or Billy's the Bigmouth Bass Restaurant. Both are great. The seafood hut has been written up in Southern Living.
        In Myrtle Beach you have Thoroughbred's, Rossi's, Greg Norman Australian Grille.
        Also check out Cafe Vienna in Myrtle Beach also there is Cagney's Old Place on hwy 17 in MB for your consideration. Many of these have menus online.
        Have a great stay. Emali me for additional info. if you'd like. I also know of other hidden local
        places. Laid back, fun and not too expensive.

        Old Place Restaurant
        289 Elmer Moore Rd, Bear Creek, NC 27207

        Calabash Seafood Hut
        1125 River Rd, Calabash, NC 28467

        Benny Rappa's Restaurant
        1453 Highway 17 S, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

        Cafe Vienna
        1200 E Main St Ste 10, Spartanburg, SC 29307

        Parsons Table
        4305 McCorsley Ave, Little River, SC 29566

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        1. re: twistedsister

          Thank you for the advise - a golf trip a few years back we tried the Parsons Table and Thoroughbreds and I do recall enjoying both

          Parsons Table
          4305 McCorsley Ave, Little River, SC 29566

        2. I would recommend a restaurant named Aspen Grille to you. It's not an inexpensive restaurant, but the menu is creative, the chef/owner believes in fresh and local ingredients, and generally speaking I've been pleased with the food and staff on my visits, and also, it's actually in Myrtle Beach. Their website calls it fine dining, I think about everytime I've been there I've worn shorts and flip flops, not that that's anything to brag about, but just making the point I find it quite relaxed dining.

          Aspen Grille
          5101 N Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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          1. re: picklelicious

            Thanks just checked out their web site -pricing looks fair and the menu does look good - Berksire pork a nice add will definately give this one a go -as a matter of fact just booked a reservation

            1. re: anthonyv

              I've been there many times over the years, and since the new owner/chef came in, it's taken a positive turn in a big way. In my humble opinion, I feel its a very good restaurant, and I agree with you on the pricing, it's reasonable for what they are offering. Enjoy.

              I'm actually in the MB/NMB area on vacation this week, and may try as well.

          2. Interesting view you have of my area...I am a food writer and I eat pretty darn good with very seldom ever eating at a chain or fried food. Of course I live in Murrells Inlet but I eat up and down the coast with pretty good results.

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            1. re: LaLa

              unfortunately when we have visited the area in the past our diniing experience has been less than adequate -would you recomend anything in North Myrtle