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Aug 11, 2011 11:46 PM

NEW: Muka (Dessert lounge), SF - anyone?

Anyone been to the new Muka (dessert lounge), SF?

1345 Bush @ Polk

Website w/ menu:

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  1. No. But, looking at the menu they don't seem to stick to the concept of dessert only. Was expecting something like ChikaLicious Dessert Bar in NY.

    1. The link lists the "Weakly selection of wine bottle" -- nice!
      The beer selection is pretty well chosen if you like Belgian ales, but the prices are quite high.

      1. I went last week for a drink. Fries that we ate were decent, and I really appreciate that their beer list is extremely well curated for the small # of choices they have. Their prices track with other SF restaurants. For instance, their 25oz of Rodenbach Gran Cru is $20, putting them lower than most who list their prices on Beer Menus:

        Super great spot (the old Moussy's, at the Alliance Francaise), especially if you live in the neighborhood. Cozy, very nice people. I'll be returning to taste more bites.