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Aug 11, 2011 10:35 PM

Nathan's Dogs in Ann Arbor?

I am planning a trip out to Michigan soon...does anyone know where I can pick up some nathan's dogs with the natural casings? I will be in the Ann Arbor area.


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  1. I moved out here from NY a few months ago, and haven't found any with natural casings. I've seen skinless at Walmart, but they aren't the same.

    1. Nathan's isn't really a brand that's carried around here. You want to check out Koegel's or Kowalski probably

      1. I've seen Nathans at Hillers market but not sure if they are natural casings. If you are coming to Michigan, why not get local product?

        1. Dearborn sausage, Winter's and Kowalski are all local producers that make natural casing dogs. In Ann Arbor, Hiller's or Busch's should carry one or more of these brands.

          1. Koegel's is a Michigan brand and very high quality. The viennas have natural casings. I find them to be better than Nathan's. If you're set on Nathan's, though, try Sam's Club.

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              I'm trashy and I miss Sabrett hot dogs, but Nathan's are a close second. Unfortunately no natural casings here, but they can be found at the Krogers on Plymouth, 2641 Plymouth Rd. I believe Hiller's also has them. Good luck!