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Good Crab near Pasadena?

Mom-in-law is gonna be 89 (!!!) Saturday and wants nothing so much as some really good crab. We will be lunching with her on Saturday, so it's short notice, but we would like to accommodate her. Of course, WE'D all like some good crab too! We won't want to wander far, if at all, from her Pasadena base.

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  1. Boiling crab (Cajun Asian) has a location near Pasadena. They usually have blue crab just call ahead.

    1. Wherever you go, I vote Dunegness!

      1. does crabcake work? If so, I'd say hop on the freeway and go to the watergrill. 15 min drive.

        1. Joe's crab shack in Burbank

          1. Newport Seafood in north San Gabriel, just down San Marino Ave. from Pas. It's Chinese/Vietnamese if that's ok, but if it's in season (call ahead), go. They'll prepare it however you want.

            1. I think "can't talk ... eating" has the right idea.

              Stray a bit away from Pasadena and head south to Temple City for Seafood Village, or San Gabriel for Newport Seafood, or perhaps even 888 or Sea Harbour, all of which will prepare the crab anyway you want. No bibs, however. Free tea, though.

              1. Thanks for all the tips, but it turns out she did not want any crab dishes, she wanted A CRAB. So we went to Cameron's, at least one of us under sufferance, and wound up having the first truly good meal we'd ever had there; I got the garlic scallops, which were superb, and the bro-and-sis-in-law each had the half-gallon (it seemed) bowl of cioppino. Mrs. O stuck with the lettuce wedge. And yes, her mom got her Dungeness crab, of which she devoured about three quarters, and bestowed the remains on us. Looking forward to some swell omelets tomorrow morning!

                Everything was better than we remembered it having been before, from the precise amount of doneness in my side veges (parsley potatoes and steamed mixed "garden" etcetera) to the brisk and polite service. At $18, that crab was pretty good for Pasadena prices, and fresh.

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                  Cameron's Seafood is nice, but I would have suggested McCormick & Schmick's on Los Robles. If you go with their fresh, simple offerings and stay away from the composed dishes it can be pretty good.

                  McCormick & Schmick's
                  633 West Fifth Street,, Los Angeles, CA 90071

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                    Lots of walking involved for that, which was the only reason we didn't go. Maman is walking, but not more than a hundred feet or so; at Cameron's we parked at the door.

                    We do like M&S - been there twice, and though it's pricey for us we like the atmosphere and the food. The bar is excellent, too; Mrs. O was into Sidecars for a while, and the very best one came from here.

                2. You guys don't have any crabs there in SoCal, do you? Gotta get them from up North, right? And summertime ain't crab season - the dungeness's are busy molting and mating then.

                  So, August crab is probably frozen and/or flown in.

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                    Must be flown in, then; one of the supermarkets is advertising cooked fresh Dungeness @ $8.99/lb.

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                      So Cal has (in theory) four species of crab, Dungeness, slender, rock and red. Dungeness you don't see much in LA or south, but the others you, but they were badly over fished and there is no commercial crabbing allowed in most of So Cal, just recreational.

                      Therefore, a lot of the crab are flown in live and dressed locally, same with the lobster. Shell fish are starting to be farmed and I wish they would bring back the abalone population to health.