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Aug 11, 2011 10:14 PM

Good Crab near Pasadena?

Mom-in-law is gonna be 89 (!!!) Saturday and wants nothing so much as some really good crab. We will be lunching with her on Saturday, so it's short notice, but we would like to accommodate her. Of course, WE'D all like some good crab too! We won't want to wander far, if at all, from her Pasadena base.

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  1. Boiling crab (Cajun Asian) has a location near Pasadena. They usually have blue crab just call ahead.

    1. Wherever you go, I vote Dunegness!

      1. does crabcake work? If so, I'd say hop on the freeway and go to the watergrill. 15 min drive.

        1. Joe's crab shack in Burbank

          1. Newport Seafood in north San Gabriel, just down San Marino Ave. from Pas. It's Chinese/Vietnamese if that's ok, but if it's in season (call ahead), go. They'll prepare it however you want.