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Aug 11, 2011 09:27 PM

Rome after 9:30 P.M,

I will be staying Rome in near the " Bologna " metro station ( line B ) near the university. I would like to get out after a day of touring with my sister and husband. Relax ,a little food , wine and just chill. No hype .No seen.. Three nights till closing just have to catch the metro back. Suggestions Please.

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      1. re: emglow101

        Ok then taxi over to Testaccio. Lots of bars and discos that stay open late. Wander the neighborhood, see Testarossas parked on sidewalks and you will be near a disco. Rome discos are very cool, loud head banging music with plenty of young Romans enjoying themselves dancing the night away. Lots of fun.

        The Testaccio vibe is similar to late night scenes at NYC SOHO dance clubs.

    1. you should check out Uve e Forme near the Bologna metro station. great place to chill over wine and food. nice atmosphere. seating outside. definitely not a scene. no metro necessary!

      Uve e Forme
      Via Padova, Cassola, Veneto 36022, IT

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        This will be a destination. Wonderful !