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Aug 11, 2011 06:40 PM

Dinner before Bank of America Pavilion??

Hey Foodies!

I haven't been around the new & improved seaport area in a while and i'm going to a concert tomorrow night at the starts at 8 so i'm looking to grab dinner before around 630ish...nothing super heavy or very expensive. Aside from Legal Seafood/ Barking Crab...any other recommendations?!? Open to anything on the menu...just want to have some ideas about where to go once i get down into the area...!! Thanks hounds...

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  1. Salvatore's is OK. There's also the new Jerry Remy's which has your typical pub grub stuff. I don't know if you''ll get a reservation anywhere close to the pavillion. Every place is packed down there especially on the night of a concert.

    We had an 8:30 reservation at Legal's last night and the place was so mobbed we didn't get seated until about 8:50. But, the general manager comped us some great advertisers for the inconvenience even though I hadn't complained. I thought that was going above and beyond considering it was only 20 minutes over.

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      Interesting image there--"the general manager comped us some great advertisers"!

      I'd consider No Name Restaurant in that area as well. I don't know whether they're particularly mobbed on Bank of America Pavilion concert nights, but at least they do know how to manage the crowds they deal with regularly.

      No Name Restaurant
      151-2 Fish Pier, Boston, MA 02210

    2. It's likely that the area will be a madhouse

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        No one goes there any more, it's too busy?

        We were there on Saturday, made a reservation 3 days ahead of time on Open Table, parked where we always park for concerts, enjoyed a great meal and a superb concert.

      2. What about Sportello? It is far enough away that I doubt you'll get BofA crowds, but it's still in the seaport area. Highly recommended!

        348 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02110

        1. not exactly the best summer evening place, as its in a basement, but luckys lounge serves good food and strong cocktails. i like the daily catch too.

          have you looked at
          Temezcal (will be nuts)
          papagayo (takes rez)
          LTK (basically legals)

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            I second Lucky's good quality food at a solid price.

          2. I had dinner at Yankee lobster last night. They have outside seating from which one can look right into the pavilion. Seems like a nice way to make sure one doesn't miss the beginning.