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Aug 11, 2011 06:20 PM

Eating in Piedmont in Late August

I am traveling with my family (four kids range in age from 6 to 19) to the Piedmont region in Italy at the end of August (19th-30th). We will be staying in Bonvicino and certainly plan to visit Asti, Alba and various other towns in the area.

I am aware that many restaurants close for several weeks at the end of August. We are looking for recommendations of non-touristy eateries where we can enjoy the local cuisine-- ones that are open at the end of August, and priced within reason (we don't intend to feed our family of six at a Michelin-starred restaurant).

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Yael, whereas it is true you will be in Piedmont during the big August holiday, you will find that not everywhere is closed. By law restaurants must stagger their holidays so that at least one is always open in any major city. And this year many popular restaurants will stay open all August.

    For reasonable family eating the local pizzerias are always a good bet, quick service and most will serve more then just pizza, not Michelin starred but good food. I would suggest that you take lunch if you are going further afield to Asti or Alba areas have lunch there and dinner closer to home. I am sure that Villa Favolosa can advise you about local restaurants near Bonvicino when he logs in.

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      Thank you-- having been to Italy several times before, I know that picking a place just because the menu looks good actually results in a phenomenal meal more often than not. We were just looking for any suggestions of particularly excellent places, not attempting to plan all our meals day by day.

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        That's hard in late August because of all the closure schedules, it would be neat to have a website to list them all as they change every year. We call ahead all our favourites to get their times, but alas we lost the list last week!! Now we just call to see who is open and who is not. The ones I recall from memory open in late August would be Cascina Rosengana in Cocconato - great for families and inexpensive, albeit a drive from Bonvicino, Angolo Beato in Asti, Rabaja in Barbaresco, Crota di Calos in Calosso, Vignaiolo in La Morra and Al Enoteca in Canale (but this may be a bit pricey for family dining). Ask your lodging too.

        Al Enoteca
        Via Roma 57, Canale (CN), Piemonte 12043, IT

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          I second Villasampaguita's advice to call ahead, every time. On a very recent trip through Piemonte, we had several up-to-date food guidebooks with us, and only headed for places listed as open, and twice we found little notes posted on the locked door, one explaining that during summer lunch was only served on weekends, another simply stating an unexplained closure, back in 3 days.

          This is not peculiar to summer, or Piemonte, especially if you enjoy tracking down family-run small places. Family emergencies, installing a new stove, a kid's graduation, etc can make owners diverge from their normal opening hours as listed even in the most reliable guidebooks. So call ahead, even if the only Italian you can speak is "Aperta? Pranzo?"

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            Good advice-- We'll definitely try to call ahead.

          2. re: Villasampaguita

            Thank you very much for the recommendations-- they all look wonderful! I'll be sure to write them down.

            1. re: YaelW

              in the town of Barolo try La Cantinetta , excellent little trattoria, very reasonable and warm , friendly Italian service.....buon appetito!