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Aug 11, 2011 02:20 PM

Lunch--fine dining experience, good value (Friday)

It has been my experience that you can often experience a really upscale restaurant, much more reasonably at lunch. I'm lunching with an old friend who is not too adventurous, so the menu needs to have some tasty, but not too spicy, salad type options. I'm a hound, so I'd love some either classic old school favorites or something more original. We are meeting at Union Station, but have the whole day together, so we are not confined to downtown.

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  1. Chinois.

    2709 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405

    1. Valentino is open for lunch on Fridays, but I'm not sure if the prices are any less than they are at dinner. The web site doesn't have a lunch menu. But it definitely qualifies as fine dining.

      1. This is a challenge. And a little oxymoronic - fine dining and good value though not mutually exclusive, are problematic in concert. A salad? Really?

        Providence is open on Fridays. I'd say try to make a value out of it by sharing food.

        1. Providence is open for lunch on Friday....always my top choice for fine dining.

          1. although i don't know of any "fine dining" that also has "good value,"
            the "fine dining places that i've liked are:
            1) fig restaurant in santa monica located in the hotel at 101 wilshire blvd. they serve lunch until 2 pm, i believe. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this place and the food they serve.
            2) michaels restaurant in santa monica serves entree salads that cost about $25/salad.
            they definitely offer fine dining in a beautiful environment. generally their food items cost more than the food at Fig.
            or, alternatively,

            if you want "good value" and are willing to forego "fine" dining, then get one of the lovely $15 entree salads that are served at 26 Beach restaurant at 3100 washington blvd in the marina.

            if you want a steakhouse kind of place, there is always Pacific Dining Car which is downtownish. i've enjoyed many terrific expense-account lunches there. . . .

            26 Beach
            3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

            Pacific Dining Car
            1310 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017