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Aug 11, 2011 01:40 PM

Any Philly area Ch'ers send their knives out to be sharpened?

I have some pretty good knives, my mother has LOTS of really good knives (both of us had mainly German Steel)

I’ve bought those hand held sharpeners and they just don’t really get the knife as sharp or even close to as sharp as new. I’m wondering if anyone knows of any places (preferably Montgomery/Bucks County) that they could recommend to take our knives to be sharpened.

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  1. l take my Japanese knives to Korin in Manhattan. Others l do on a Chef's Choice 120. After looking for someone good here for a long time. Everyone l used took extreme amounts of steel off, l gave up. If you want to try my Chef's choice, contact me listed on info page, l am very happy with it.

    1. Can anyone recommend somewhere in the city too?

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        There used to be a shop on Garrett Rd. by 69th St. Terminal that did knife sharpening and was well regarded, but I can't remember the name of it and I think he may have moved away anyway. Fante's has a Chef's Choice machine and charges $1/knife.

          1. re: Buckethead

            Great news about Fante's. They do it for you right?

        1. If you are in the Mt. Airy area, there is a relatively new Farmers Market on Tuesdays that has a knife sharpener stall. I have been taking my knives to Kilian Hardware in Chestnut Hill, but I know they are simply using the Chef's Choice sharpener.

          1. I drop my knives off at Kitchen Kapers on 309 in Montgomeryville, they send them to their warehouse where they are sharpened and returned. It costs about $4//blade, i've been very happy with the results, but I"m no expert.