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Aug 11, 2011 12:28 PM

Unusual, incredible corn dishes?

Earlier this summer, I posted a link asking for great corn farmers in southern New England, and the response was very nice:

Now that corn season has really started, I wanted to ask around to see if anyone's eaten any great or unusual corn dishes at any restaurants. Ideally, I'd like to find some incredible renditions of the classics, like corn chowder or succotash, but I'm also curious to see if chefs are doing anything new with sweet corn. Or is there maybe some Vietnamese or Indian restaurant incorporating corn into those cuisines in a surprising and delicious way?

Or maybe there's another way to put the question: If you're driving around New England for a week, what is the one corn dish you absolutely must try?

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  1. I had a wonderful roasted corn, tomato and coconut milk chilled soup at Bread Euphoria in Haydenville, MA just west of Northampton yesterday, but their soups change often.
    Frankly I think plain grilled or steamed is the best prep for corn.

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    1. re: magiesmom

      Bread Euphoria is our go-to place, so thanks, Mom. If they have this special again, I'll be sure to try it.
      But for me also, just plain corn, boiled for a minute or so on the cob, is quite sufficient. (And heavenly)

      1. re: BerkshireTsarina

        We've probably seen each other there as I stop there several times/week on my way to or from work. Their cold soups are all wonderful, really. And now they have homemade ice cream sandwiches ( haven't tried yet as I think I should share one).

        Have you found Schmidt's Farm in Buckland for corn yet? It is THE BEST around and no pesticides.

        1. re: magiesmom

          No! I'll have to check my atlas just to find where Buckland is!
          But taking Bay Road and whatever-route-toward Amherst and Hampshire College today, I stopped at the little farm stand (Four Rex???) and picked up a few ears of corn. Their sign said the corn was local from "West Street."
          There's a West Street everywhere, but that's okay. I just like the look of this little farm stand and wanted to try it. Well, the corn was WONDERFUL.
          (We go to Wanzyka (sp.?) as our go-to corn place. This was the equal.
          The quest continues!
          But I'm afraid I'm no good to O.P. because I really can't bear to fiddle around with corn in season, it's just too good plain!
          (I sometimes think about that when it comes to chowhounding --- I wonder if someone on the same thread might just be sitting near me, or walking in or out! Maybe we need chowhound tee shirts :-))

          1. re: BerkshireTsarina

            Buckland, or at least the part of Buckland where the stand is is on rt 112. Buckland is across the river from Shelburne Falls, where you probably have been.

            1. re: magiesmom

              Not to split hairs or anything but the name Shelburne Falls refers to the village on both sides of the river. The village itself is comprised of parts of both the town of Shelburne and the town of Buckland. Just wanted to clarify. It's a mistake people often make - kind of confusing at first. This, of course has nothing to do with the farm stand, which is not in the village, and thus squarely in Buckland.

              1. re: hilltowner

                As soon as I finished typing, I knew someone would say that! you are of course, correct.

                1. re: magiesmom

                  Glad to have this exchange because it explains what I ran into googling maps, etc. of Buckland --- many kept coming up Shelburne Falls.
                  No Schmidt farm info though, so I'm glad to know it's on rte 112. Some day we'll get up that far --- (we're in N'hampton).
                  Meanwhile, back at Bread Euphoria, there are no plans to duplicate the wonderful corn soup mom wrote about --- evidently the spirit has to move in that direction in the soup maker, and no one knows when, or if, the spirit will so move again. Equal parts exciting and frustrating?????

                  1. re: BerkshireTsarina

                    Tsarina, It is right near Mohawk trail School, on the same side of the road..Not so convenient from Northampton, but a beautiful drive. Now that I think about it, none of the soups seem to get duplicated at BE, I think the soup maker is an endless font of creativity. I especially love the chilled ones.

                    Hilltowner: no worries!

                  2. re: magiesmom

                    Sorry. I know it was a little nitpicky, but I live up here, and for some reason, it's important to me that people know both sides of the bridge are, indeed, Shelburne Falls. Silly, I know. Thanks for being nice about it.

        2. re: magiesmom

          ha ha, magiesmom, I was at BE too on the 10th. I had a turkey reuben and my teenager ate a cholesterol extravaganza (croissant, eggs, cheese, bacon). lucky him. We both enjoyed the meal. their dog biscuits are very good (our dogs love them, although whether they love them more than any other biscuit I'll never know.) BTW, if you like a very hard, non-sweet biscuit to dunk in tea or coffee, BE's dog biscuits contain nothing humans can't eat and are quite good dunked! but sorry, no corn was eaten that day.

        3. Hillside Organic Pizza in Hadley had a great special a few weeks ago of Asiago almond pesto with local roasted corn, local red onions and spinach, that was out of this world. This is the same place that introduced me to Carrots, Beets & Butternut squash on pizza ( But not at the same time!)

          1. This past friday night we had the pleasure of dining at Sharpe Hill Vineyard and had a wonderful fresh corn dish, not a succotash but very delicious. I even complimented the owner.

            Sharpe Hill Vineyard
            108 Wade Rd, Pomfret, CT

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            1. re: javaandjazz

              I ♥ Sharpe Hill. What was the corn dish? I recall having minted peas and corn there last year--tasty and different.

              1. re: kattyeyes

                I remember a slight minty taste to the corn along with some other spices that made it spicy..LOL...if you can imagine that. There were no peas in this dish. The owner said she gets the corn right on route 44 and I forget the name of the farm. I emailed and asked for the recipe and I hope they send it to me.

                1. re: javaandjazz

                  Cool--I hope so, too! When I had the dish with peas in it, too, it was winter. I think you had the summer variation of the minted corn dish. If they share, I hope you can share here. I have mint a'plenty.

                  1. re: kattyeyes

                    I can use that mint in a coconut mojito! I'm bring over the rum and limes and oyu supply the mint!

            2. OP here. Just wanted to say that although we've sort of diverged from the initial question, I really love reading all these responses, and will try to get myself to Buckland/Shelburne Falls, Bread Euphoria and maybe Sharpe Hill for some corn. Thanks!

              1. Google for faro-corn salad. There are many versions but the one with mint is particularly refreshing on a hot August evening. Uses fresh sweet corn.