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Aug 11, 2011 11:48 AM

Shatila - Dearborn - What to mail?

Hello, I'm in the Detroit Metro region. I need to send something to a town near Lake Michigan for funeral/condolence purposes, because my friends just lost their mother. I know they have people pouring in from out of town and would appreciate getting food. I'd like to send something from Shatila. The problem is I don't really like their baklava (too sweet). I would appreciate any suggestions for what would be a good thing to get.

Thanks so much!

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  1. If they have maftoul cookies (date stuffed), those are tasty and travel well. I've not had Shatila's specificallly but New Yasmeen makes killer date cookies.

    1. Hard for me to answer because I LOVE their baklava. Bought some for family and everyone went crazy for it. So maybe it is just you.......something to consider.......

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        Well, my mother used to make Baklava and she favored more butter and less honey. We're not Middle Eastern or Greek, so she just made it up as she saw fit. I suppose it is the sweetness that I don't like in the Shatila version, preferring the taste and texture of lots of butter. You're right, it might be just me. Harry and David makes a very buttery Baklava and I love that.