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Aug 11, 2011 11:46 AM

best casual dining - near belltown, maybe?

Hello --

I'm coming to Seattle for a couple of days next week (from Portland), for my 30th birthday. I already have reservations at Spinasse for the actual day of celebration (is this the right choice???), but I'm looking for a more casual dining experience on the other night there.
We're staying at the ACE in Belltown, but I don't mind cabbing. I'm flexible with cuisine, but just want something where I can eat fabulous food and drink wine or cocktails without dropping a ton of cash.

Also any brunch recs either by the Ace or downtown would be fabulous.

Thanks for the help!!

Seattle, WA, Seattle, WA

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  1. Current favorites downtown: I love Le Pichet (1st & Virginia) - great French food but not the boring classics - way more interesting. Good prices on wine and a full bar. Also check out the Long Provincial (2nd & Stewart) thread. They have great happy hour deals on delicious Vietnamese food. For brunch, you're very close to Macrina bakery for coffee & pastry, and they have a few hot items too. Or Cafe Campagne in the Market (or just a stroll through the market eating as you go). I've had pretty good food at Local 360, but haven't tried their breakfast/brunch. Close to your hotel and worth checking out.

    Cafe Campagne
    1600 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101

    Le Pichet
    1933 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

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    1. re: babette feasts

      I second Local 360. It's very casual and one of the best happy hour/dinner values around that area in terms of selection and price. IMO of course! Brunch is a good time.

      Lots of great cocktail spots where you can drink your dinner and nibble too: Rob Roy, Spur mentioned below and Mistral Kitchen (further downtown).

      Mistral Kitchen
      2020 Westlake Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

    2. Quinn's Pub has great food and a fun atmosphere. There are many reviews on this board if you do a search, and you can check out the menu here:

      Quinn's Pub
      1001 E Pike St, Seattle, WA

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      1. re: Brunhilde

        Quinn's is great, though not downtown, also very close to Spinasse. If you want to keep your choices diverse and eat downtown/Belltown, some casual places I like are Kushi Bar (izakaya) at 2nd & Bell, Le Pichet (rec above, French -- maybe a little nicer than "casual") at 1st/Virginia, Palace Kitchen (Northwestern food, 5th/Lenore), Steel Head Diner (seafood / NW, in the market), Serious Pie (though you may not want pizza so close to your Italian meal), Stewart/4th, or for just good bar food, Virginia Inn (1st / Virginia). Many here also swear by the burgers at Two Bells (4th at maybe Bell?), though I think the burger at Palace Kitchen is better.

        Palace Kitchen
        2030 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

        Seattle, WA, Seattle, WA

        Le Pichet
        1933 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

        Serious Pie
        316 Virginia St, Seattle, WA 98101

        Kushi Bar
        2319 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

        1. re: pusherman

          I would go Spur, because I'm in love with their crudo and tartar dishes, if I was going to stay in Belltown, but I feel like I always drop "a ton of cash" when I'm there, and this is probably because I'll have 4 West Coast Pimm's cocktails, plus the above, plus whatever else looks good. But I guess the amount of money is subjective and you could probably eat there for less if you weren't as big of a lush as I am.

      2. Check out Bisato, small plates of really good food. You can eat at the counter and watch the action if you so wish.

        1. If you go out drinking, cab away. Belltown is no place to be when the bars shut down at 2:00.

          1. I think Tilikum Place Cafe (5th & Cedar, I believe) is wonderful.