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Aug 11, 2011 11:10 AM

Will this Ina recipe keep for two days - shrimp and orzo?


I'm going to be making Ina's shrimp and orzo pasta salad with dill. The shrimp are grilled and then added to the orzo with a lemon based dressing. I made it before with chicken, due to allergy considerations of a guest, and it was great, but I think the shrimp would be best.

I'm leaving Monday morning for a friend's cottage and I'm on for dinner Tuesday night. We'll be four women, chicken on the menu for Monday, so I think this might be a good choice - no cooking at the last minute.

So my question is can I make it Sunday night? I'm not worried about the pasta, so much as leaving the shrimp in it for that period. One poster to the food network thought the shrimp became "mealy" after leaving it overnight.

So I can make the whole shebang Sun night, Monday morning, or make the salad Sunday, roast the shrimp either Sun or Mon, and just don't add the shrimp until maybe tuesday morning.

I fear I may be overthinking this, as usual.

I love this site!!!!!

thanks for any help and opinions.

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  1. I'd make the whole thing Tuesday morning. Bring some frozen shrimp to the cottage, kept frozen in a cooler for the drive, keep them frozen until Tue, and thaw & shell on Tue morning.

    Shrimp take less than 5 minutes to cook, and they are much, much better served the day that you cook them. Pasta is usually much better the day it's cooked, too. If you really want to prep before leaving, prep the pasta salad part of the recipe, and the dressing (but keep the dressing and pasta separate until Tue a.m., because 2 days of sitting in dressing will turn orzo mushy) and roast the shrimp on Tue.

    Looks like a tasty, quick recipe.

    1. I'd make it when you get there on Tuesday, if I could buy the shrimp there.

      1. I have made a similar recipe and had it left over for a few days. It think it was even better the next day. I definetly would make sure the orzo is al dente, to avoid any mushiness. If you are worried about the sjrimp do them that day and toss them into the rest of the pre made salad to marinate. I can't remember if her recipe calls for lemon zest, but I add it to mine and LOVE it. I also use a lot of fresh herbs in mine, basil, parsley, and some chives.

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        1. re: JEN10

          What I'm going to avoid at all costs is making it on Tuesday - I've made similar recipes and never had any problems with the orzo going mushy, I always try to get it al dente.

          The recipe actually calls for it to be refrigerated overnight.

          Maybe make it all Monday morning, including roasting the shrimp, and just toss the shrimp in Tuesday in the morning. How does that sound?

          Of course, the alternative is to get some steaks, fresh tomatoes and some corn.

          1. re: casey30

            People go with steaks, tomatoes and corn for a reason. When you're that unsure of the timetable, going simpler is always better. There's nothing wrong with thinking your process through. Just do what you think will work the best with your constraints. I value success most.

        2. Either way I would be happy to eat what ever you made.