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Aug 11, 2011 11:02 AM

Italian/European Specialty Store

Anyone have any good rec's on a quality Italian specialty market within the vicinity of New Brunswick? I'm looking for some cured meats/cheeses, olive oil, olives...

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  1. Try A&G on Route 1. Hope it's still there!

    1. in the vicinity, consider a quick trip down route 27 to Princeton:

      D'Angelo Italian Market in Princeton is worth checking out. Will have most everything you're looking for, from burrata to prosciutto di parma or san daniele to pecorino to ultra fresh cannoli's!! Free half hour parking in the spring street garage across the street.

      While in the area, Bon Appetit at the Princeton shopping center on Harrison Street and Lucy's just north of Princeton on 206 are both excellent as well.

      Bon Appetit for an extensive selection of cheese (best fresh mozzarella in the area), oils, olives, European groceries, sweets and prepared foods.

      Lucy's for ravioli, fresh pasta, rotisserie chicken (the absolute best in the area) and more.