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Aug 11, 2011 10:53 AM

Stroudsburg to Williamsport Saturday

Not sure about the feeling about cross posting here. I tried to find something in the etiquette post but found no restirictions. I posted similar in the NJ board a little while ago.

Traveling from NJ along I-80 on Saturday out Rte 80 to near Muncy PA and back. Looking for any particularly special food locations along the way.


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  1. Being the 17th; I imagine you already made your roadtrip. If you like beer warm or cold you might have enjoyed checking out the new micro brewery located off the Lightstreet exit of I80 at The Inn at Turkey Hill.

    The Inn at Turkey Hill
    991 Central Road, Bloomsburg, PA 17815

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      Thanks for the suggestion. I'll keep it in mind for next time. I did some searching here and on Roadfood and came up with several suggestions, but the brewery would have been a welcome addition.

      On the way out we stopped off Senape's Bakery in Hazelton for some of their famous cold pizza to hold us over. It is a little hard to find but worth it for their delicious and very reasonably priced baked goods and extremely friendly service.

      We got to Hughesville just in time to pick up our package and stopped off at May's Drive in in Muncy. Seems to be a local chain of 5 or 6 locations, which have a 50's nostalgia feel. They have old fashioned BBQ sandwiches (pork, turkey, hamburger, ham) which are not available everywhere, reasonable prices, and a tasty sweet relish, but the bun crust was a little stale, although the interior was soft and fresh. Someone had touted the large shakes for $2.50, but they were the standard soft serve plus milk version. The onion rings were ok but not excellent. Overall only an average place.

      Further along we decided to try the Powerhouse Eatery in White Haven which we had seen on the way out and looked inviting, even though we had no reviews to go by. That was a lucky choice. Although not inexpensive the food, atmosphere and service were all exceptional, including a good choice of bottled beers. I had a Rogue Deadguy Ale, which seems to have recently been more widely imported from the west coast, where i enjoyed it on my trip last summer. My friend had a tasty cheese steak on whole wheat Ciabatta (first time I've seen that) and as soon as I saw the Lobster Mac & Cheese I knew that was the dish for me.

      The rest of the trip home was a little hairy, as we got caught in a downpour and my wiper moter chose that inopportune time to conk out. But we made it back to NJ even with the limited visibility and an overall satisfying food adventure.