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Aug 11, 2011 10:06 AM

Dining at Cathryn's Tuscan Grille Cold Spring NY

My girlfriends and I want to get together for dinner next Wednesday. I suggested Cathryn's Tuscan Grille in Cold Spring as I have eaten there twice before a long time ago and liked it. THEN I googled the restaurant and found lots of poor reviews. As this restaurant is my suggestion I am nervous that it will not meet our expectations.

Any opinions about recent meals at this restaurant?

I would appreciate any imput.


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  1. I can't speak for any other chowhounders, but I've eaten there many times (and it's probably a 20-25 mile drive), and have never had a bad meal-I do recall not enjoying some kind of mixed drink that I was served the last time, but I don't remember what the drink was. It's probably been about 6 months since we ate there, so if the reviews that you spoke of are more recent than that, then maybe something has changed.

    1. We ate at Cathryn's Tuscan grill last nite with my family (2 adults, 3 kids (ages 9 - 11yrs old). We thoroughly enjoyed the food. They promptly seated us (although we didn't have reservations.) By the time we left, every table was full, and there was a wait by the bar.

      The good: We loved the decor. My kids loved the food (they are adventurous eaters). I did not notice a kids menu, but I did see lots of kids there, and they were serving pizza for the kids, though I'm not sure if that was a special request.. I don't recall seeing it on the menu.

      We had the appetizer special of mushrooms & peaches that was fabulous. My kids also enjoyed the lamb & goat cheese appetizer. The white bean soup was just ok, not great. We had the pumpkin ravioli (very rich, but good) and the rabbit pappardelle (my kids really wanted to try rabbit) which was fine.. they enjoyed it. The arctic char was also a great choice.

      The not so good: the service. Our waiter was extremely indifferent. Barely stopped by our table. I think twice- once to take our order and once to ask if "We were all set" All set??? How about coming by to see if we needed anything during our meal. Or asking if we'd like dessert? He just appeared and handed us our check.

      At first I thought it was because we had kids with us. But my kids are very well behaved and there happened to be a lot of families there as well. I think he was very inexperienced or it was simply that he didn't care... not sure which. But he certainly detracted from our experience.

      Given the price point and the fact that it's a really nice place... we felt poorly treated... Not a great way to end the evening......

      Hope they improve.

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        we've eaten there many times, love the food and have never had a problem with service. On the contrary, the last time we were there for brunch with our kids the service was great. I guess it's dependent on your server but to your point, the restaurant is ultimately responsible for good service.

        btw, we think the rabbit pappardelle might be the best dish on the menu, surprised you didn't like it more. we sent a french trained chef there and it was all he talked about.

      2. Do you live in or near Cold Spring, or is Cold Spring your destination? If not, Cathryn's is not a destination restaurant. It's fine and good food if you are there walking around the cute town, or if you live near and it's a central location. If not,there are other much better places.

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          It was good food, and yes, we were walking around the town. However, we felt the service was very poor, even if it is just a "local place". I understand your point that it's not a destination restaurant. However we ordered a lot of food, had a very large check, and felt the service was lacking ... that's all. I'm sure the chef would be upset to know that while the kitchen staff is excellent, the ball was dropped outside the kitchen. There were lots of wait staff running in different directions....

          1. re: wincountrygirl

            Head to Riverview on Fair Street. The food is better and without the attitude. Try the delicious pizza if your on a budget. The calamari is my favorite there. They drive to NYC weekly to Fulton's so the fish is always fresh.

            Riverview Restrnt
            45 Fair St, Cold Spring, NY 10516

            1. re: ktaushea

              buying fish once a WEEK is "fresh"?

                1. re: ktaushea

                  Uh, you said they drive to NYC "weekly", which means one a week.

                  1. re: Leslie

                    So which day should one order fish there? <g>

          2. Am I the only one who thinks Cathryn's is much nicer in aesthetics than actual food? I mean the food is fine - but for such nice decor and the price, I expected more.