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Aug 11, 2011 09:55 AM

In desparate search for the most MILD buffalo sauce available in a bottle!!!

All right, desprate is probably stretching it. But i do love wing sauce. And i am the biggest wimp when it comes to spice. The last few years Ive been buying Ralphs brand mild wing sauce (i think its Krogers elsewhere?) and wile it's pretty good, i would prefer it to be milder still. Anyone know of one id like? Id be willing to order online. Thanks!!!

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  1. I just realized how many words I spelled wrong. Oops!!

    1. How is wing sauce different from barbecue sauce? Couldn't you just use a sweet sauce like Sweet Baby Ray's?

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        Buffalo sauce is very vinegery and, usually, very spicy. Totally different from BBQ sauce, which I love equally.

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          Hmmmm. So it's like hot sauce? In terms of flavor balance, I can only think that a sweet component would have to exist alongside the acidity of vinegar for balance. Who's going to use straight vinegar? Once you omit the heat, it sounds as if you might have use for a sweet-sour sauce or orange duck sauce as used in Chinese restaurants.

          p.s.: it cannot be hard to make this stuff. Maybe you could try a wing sauce recipe and simply dial way back on the hot elements (in this case, the hot sauce and the cayenne):

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            It's very much like a hot sauce. I should say many brands are.

      2. If all else fails, it's not a difficult sauce to make and keep at home, just dialing down the level of cayenne and hot sauce. Probably will be better than anything in a bottle.

        1. What else have you used? Frank's Red Hot is the original and sort of "official" buffalo sauce, and I personally don't think that it's too hot, you can mellow it by using more butter to hot sauce ratio when you mix it up. My 8 and 10 yr. old eat it no problem. The best bet is to try different hot sauces and see what appeals to you, or as pp suggested, make your own. At some point, if it is too mild, it isn't really buffalo wing sauce anymore. A little heat is part of it.

          People are making all sorts of wing recipes now with sauce that isn't like "buffalo" sauce. Asian, BBQ, and even the super hot ones are no longer really "buffalo" wings, they are just a sauced chicken wing. You can use any sauce that you like, and put it on wings that have been grilled, fried or baked. May not be "buffalo wings" but it will still be good.

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          1. Yeah, thanks. Ketchup it's not. I don't think it's too crazy- love buffalo sauce, don't love the heat. Franks does make a great one, and if i don't find a milder one, I will continue to use that or the one I have been using. But if anyone knows of a MILDER BUFFALO SAUCE, as my post is asking for, please let me know. If you want to be cute and suggest mustard, mayo or any other condiment, please dont waste your time.