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West Island take-out

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Hello everyone,

I am hoping someone can help in my desperation. As has been stated before, west island is sort of lacklustre for food. But I am not looking for the gourmet experience right now - just some delicious take out!

I have recently moved to pointe-claire from LaSalle, and in Lasalle we had some decent takeout - like Manzo's and Lasalle drive in. I am looking for something with some decent foods, and oddly enough a delicious salad or two for when I am feeling rabbit-ish.

I have looked through the previous west island threads, and haven't seen much mention of good take out. Oh, one other thing, I know there is an assortment of good indian food in the area, but my wife is not a fan.

Thanks for any help in advance!

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  1. Haggisboy has mentioned Poulet A La Campagnarde (St-Charles and Pierrefonds), which I still have to get around to trying.

    You can also get some very expensive sushi takeout at Maiko (strip mall, Sources and Brunswick).

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    1. re: wattacetti

      The Creole/Haitian place on Gouin in Roxboro is the only decent place for take out but it's slightly out of the way if you are in Pt Claire. I have yet to try Campagnrde myself.

      1. re: wattacetti

        Hi- I've never heard of La Campagnarde. I will check it out, thanks. Also, didn't know Maiko did take-out. Also some great info.

        1. re: Gregoso

          In my experience every restaurant will give you an order to go if you ask. Its equivalent a doggie bag and you don`t take up a table.

          1. re: Gregoso

            Haggisboy's earlier thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/741071

            If your order at Maiko is large enough (as in $$), they'll throw in their reusable bag (nice advertising touch, but it's square and your order doesn't tip).

            1. re: wattacetti

              Happy to report I went to La Campagnarde yesterday, and it was quite good. The chicken was indeed fresh taxing, crispy on the outside, and very juicy.

              Some minor quibbles. I found all of the food (fries, coleslaw, and chicken) lacked salt, and would have benefitted greatly from it. Also, you read correctly, I got fries instead of the afore-mentioned chips. The fries were not good at all, sort of like McDonald's fries but worse. The home made BBQ sauce was delicious. A little tangy, a little spicy, and a great note to the fried chicken.

              I will be going back to try the grilled variety, and I will be asking about the home made chips. Would have ordered grilled chicken, but we were a little short on time because we had our two little ones at the restaurant and they were getting hungry. Will report back when i try grilled.

              Would certainly recommend this place as great take-out. Despite my little complaints.

              1. re: Gregoso

                There's a new takeout place that opened in the strip mall where the Mourelatos is located. I was in the area for something else on the weekend but stopped in to grab a menu. It's a middle eastern chicken place using charcoal, IIRC a full chicken is $12.99.

                1. re: ios94

                  Boucherie Oriental on Pierrefonds for charcoal grill lebanese. Highly recommend the baba ganoush (best i've ever had).

                  Chair de poulet: great Hatian chicken but it takes an hour for delivery

                  Foo Shing: Chinese, the best i've found in the west island. very fresh and tasty

                  Take out:
                  Mozza: great salads, wood oven pizzas and pastas (st-jeans)

                  Tandoor et Grill: excellent indian (sources)

                  McGibbins: Great burgers

                  and most importantly...5 Guys coming soon on Sources. sooooo good

                  1. re: canada_doug

                    Where's Chair de poulet? All I see listed is a Laval location.

                    1. re: ios94

                      its on St-Jean's across from the Loblaws where petit munich used to be before they moved.

                      1. re: canada_doug

                        Ah ok, I recall seeing it now. Thanks, I'll check it out. Do they do tassot beef and other Haitian dishes?

                        1. re: ios94

                          yes, the goat is amazing.

                          1. re: canada_doug

                            Chair de poulet is closed, just a bunch of "a louer" signs in the windows.

                        2. re: canada_doug

                          Can anyone tell me where Petit Munich is now?

                          1. re: satana_666

                            There closed. I was told that the owner has cancer

          2. Sunday, I went to Soleil de Saigon, inside Marche Hawai in VSL.

            I must say that i was pleasantly surprised. I had some grilled beef skewers, that came with veggies, rice, a spring roll and a soup. The spring roll was better then the ones at Paris Pho. The beef and rice were awesome, not what i expected from a fast food type joint.

            They had many vietnamese dumplings on the menu, which looked great. In comparison to the nearby Paris Pho joint, there are more vietnamese dishes and less chinese. If you want soups or "saucy" dishes, go to Paris Pho. If you want grilled meats, sandwiches or dumplings, go to Soleil de Saigon.

            Paris Pho
            1717 Rue Poirier, Saint-Laurent, QC H4L1J4, CA

            1. Who has the best take-out pizzas in West Island? Do many of the WI pizzerias offer haf & half pizzas(two varieties in one pizza)?

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              1. re: BLM

                GiGi's is the one I know best, and they are pretty good. But they are your typical "montreal" style pizza - lots and lots of cheese, soggy-ish thin crust, and greasy.But packed with flavour.

                1. re: Gregoso

                  Which Gigi's? The one on Gouin didn't impress me. It is not the same owners as the one on Lakeshore which I keep hearing is good.

                  Try Mcbay Deli (on sources just a few blocks north of the 40 in the strip mall on the east side) for a very good Montreal style pizza.

                  1. re: ios94

                    Oh yes, I forget about the 2 locations. I am referring to the one on Lakeshore.

                    1. re: Gregoso

                      I've heard people rave about how good the pizza is at the Pointe Claire Gigi's, however I've been told that they are a cash only operation. No interac and no plastic. Can anybody confirm if this is true? Seems strange for a popular resto in such a trendy place as the Pointe Claire Village.

                      1. re: Haggisboy

                        The Pt Claire location is pretty old school, so it wouldn't surprise me. (I've walked by but have not tried it)

                        1. re: ios94

                          What about Pizza Nikkos?

                          Pizza Nikkos
                          4279 St A Bd, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, QC H9B, CA

                          1. re: BLM

                            Great Pizza and subs

                            1. re: BLM

                              I second this, Pizza Nikkos has wonderful (Montreal style) pizza.

                              Pizza Nikkos
                              4279 St A Bd, Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, QC H9B, CA

                          2. re: Haggisboy

                            Just went to GiGi's last night (for research, of course) and unfortunately I paid with cash - so I am not sure if they accept cards. I am sure, however, that they no longer deliver. Which is a huge pain in the arse, and may limit the food accessibility for some.

                      2. re: Gregoso

                        Is the cheese at GiGi's at bottom or on top of most(or all) of the other toppings in their pizzas?

                        1. re: BLM

                          90% sure that the cheese is on top of most of the toppings.

                    2. Haitian food and McKibbins?? Yikes, if you are in Pointe-Claire, order take out from Piazza Romana in the Pointe-Claire Village on Lakeshore. They also have home made pasta.

                      Someone mentioned Gigi's which is in the same area, and its not bad for a change from time to time, but it is by no means thin crust?? It is very heavy pizza. The quality of ingredient at Piazza Romana is better, and not really comparable.

                      I think if you are in Pointe-Claire, Piazza Romana is amazing for take out. I recommend the Romana Special pizza (all dressed + bacon and kalamata olives), caesar salad, the carbonara pasta and gigi pasta.

                      Piazza Romana
                      339 Ch Du Bord-Du-Lac Lakeshore, Pointe-Claire, QC H9S4L6, CA