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Brunch in Sept. Bistro di Midi or Acquataine?

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Love Acquataine but might want to try Bistro de Midi...any other Back Bay or South Boston Sat. brunch recs please?

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  1. Mistral. Absolutely awesome. Best pancakes I've ever had. Ever.

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    1. We had an early dinner at The Gallows a few Sundays back, I would have ordered brunch, but my wife didn't want it, so we waited for the post-brunch menu. Looked great, however, and for what it's worth, they recently won best brunch in Boston magazine.

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        Loooove brunch at the Gallows. Had rabbit rillettes with a side of "rabbit food" raw vegetables recently that was awesome. It's never that busy, and the portions are modest enough that you don't need to nap all afternoon.