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Aug 11, 2011 06:36 AM

Eww!! Thats no good , put some more ketchup on it.....

I tried comming up with a witty title to this post.. hope it worked.

As I am getting older, I am starting to have more of an income to try out higher quality foods and places to eat more frequent. I tend to bring a tag along or two ; most of which are not use to anything other than bar foods or chains.

However, it seems that the "best of the best" meals always seem to taste "off" ... Even to me in some cases. I would always be frustrated with my friends that ask for ketchup on thier well done steak.. Or will not order anythign but General tso's chicken... Now, the I feel like that person, I am having a hard time adjusting my palate to the higher quality places .

The first time I had a Grass Feed Steak, I could not believe the difference. It just the last 3 meals I had, were at places that are very very well respected in my area and I had thier top dishes .. and was not impressed at all....:-(

I guess my question is, does it take some time to get use to higher quality foods?? Or adjusting you palate for new takes on flavor???

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  1. I think the real question is: Why are you wasting money on food you clearly aren`t enjoying

    Eat what tastes good.

    1. Maybe you're getting duped by the "if it costs more it must be better" line of thought. Eat what you like, don't try to make yourself like something just because it's supposedly higher quality.

      1. I admire what you're doing. Carry on.

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        1. Grass fed beef is a "different animal" if you will. I've been getting it from farmers markets and have gotten better at cooking it (to med/rare). It's not for everyone, particularly if you've grown up on grain fed/finsihed beef.
          I have a great source right now and treat myself to ny strips, but grass fed is not necessarily "the best", although it has a certain cache right now and does cost a bit more to bring to market.
          Many people much prefer grain fed aged steaks, which is what most steakhouses serve- for a good reason-- they taste awesome!
          So, don't think it's necessarily you, or that you have an unsophisticated palate. I don't care if I win the lottery, I'm not suddenly going to like foie gras and caviar.
          Be as adventurous as you want, but don't feel pressure or feel less than if you don't like something. Who cares?!!

          1. I have my list of foods that I just cannot stomach, seafood is one of them.. my mind keeps on saying this is spoiled chicken spit it out. I have tried my whole life to enjoy..

            When I meant higher quality , I was refering more to the restaurant more so than the food options and price.

            My main reason of thought was I went to 3 of the best restaurants in my area (not pricey).. that have been praised for years of thier quality and I was not impressed at all. To a point where I did not like my meal..

            Thanks for all the feedback..

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            1. re: Augie6

              I misunderstood your post then. Maybe it's that you have a taste for really good food and these 3 best restaurants really aren't all that great. Over the years we've become pretty good at home cooks and often find places that are supposed to be really good underwhelming. In my hometown I'm down to about 6 places I'll go out to eat, otherwise we'd rather just cook at home. It's amazing to me what some people think is great that I find to be average at best, maybe that's what is happening in your case.