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Aug 11, 2011 05:30 AM

Where to find turkey deli meat in London?

was just in the us and ate a lot of sandwiches with sliced turkey. This isn't the same as freshly roasted turkey sliced which they sell at lots of supermarkets in the uk but rather some sort of processed and delicious formed meat. I have seen Bernanrd Matthews brand at sainsburys in prepackaged containers which seems a bit gross -- anyone know any alternatives?

for an idea of what I mean check out Boars Head brand website! Yuuuum

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  1. A lot of the supermarkets carry a brand (expensive) of good, sliced turkey in packages. It's much better than the Bernard Matthews variety. It doesn't look processed to me, but I don't remember that or, right now, the brand name, but I'll try and remember to look for it. Ah, Boars Head... a name from my past. I'm sorry not to be more helpful. I like the M&S brand of turkey, too. It tastes fine but that's not processed.

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    1. re: zuriga1

      Hmmmm.... that sounds interesting. If you see it please let me know as I want to keep up with the delicious and healthy light lunchs (I brought home these amazing pickled banana pepper slices which are just terrific with turkey) -- that being said, we cooked a corned beef today and will be having sandwiches on rye for lunch -- exciting!

      1. re: brokentelephone

        I'll try to look for the turkey brand this weekend. I have never heard of pickled banana pepper slices. Where the heck did you find that in the States??

    2. funny that you want the pressed stuff...most Americans would walk a mile to avoid it! (the packaged stuff that I bought in a Morrison's last week was pretty good, too)

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        Most Americans set the pressed stuff exclusively -- ever been to an American supermarket? Barring whole foods and their lot, unlikely to find real roasted breast anywhere.

        The reason I prefer it is because I find turkey breast too dry and mealy and the processed crap has a great texture. I used to avoid it on ickyness grounds, but am a recent convert.

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          I'm American. It's not that hard to find roasted breast in any deli or decent supermarket.

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            I totally agree with you. Every decent American supermarket with a deli has some real roast beef and turkey that they slice.

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              Adding a ditto. And in NYC, one can find sliced roasted breast at a corner bodega. I really wish there would be a moratorium on blanket statements about 'Americans', especially when it comes to food.

              1. re: Lizard

                Generalizations should be outlawed. You're definitely right that sliced meats can be found in lots of places other than supermarkets... small delis all over do that and can we call Zabar's a supermarket or just a food shop?

                People forget just how vast America is.

                1. re: zuriga1

                  I shortcircuited "any place selling meat products with a slicer" with deli.

                  Obviously I needed to use the whole phrase.

                2. re: Lizard

                  OMG I was replying to a comment saying that "most americans would walk a mile to avoid it (processed turkey)" and I rebutted with a equally overstated reply.

                  That said, I would bet house and home that processed deli meat is more readily available in American supermarkets than the freshly-roasted type. Walmart is the largest grocer in America and have approximately 33% of the market share, and their delis do not typically serve freshly roasted turkey breast. Make room for the many national lower-end supermarket/bulk store chains like Safeway, SuperValu, Sams Club, BJs, Costco etc., and you would find that MOST Americans purchase their foods at places that don't necessarily stock the types of meats that New Yorkers expect to find at Zabars or whatever.

                  And finally, I found some processed turkey meat at Mr. Christians in Notting Hill, and it is fantastic. Very American LOL

                  1. re: brokentelephone

                    it must be regional, then, because the Walmart, Costco, and Publix (no Safeway or SuperValu, and no Sams or BJs close by) where I used to live had roasted turkey breast as a standard-stocked item. (It came in wrapped in plastic like the chopped/formed stuff, but a quick look at a slice would tell you that it is indeed a slice from a whole breast)

                    It's overwhelmingly at least *equally* available -- obviously the chopped/formed stuff is cheaper, but it's not any more or less available. Butterball, Jennie-O, and Boar's Head all sell whole breast through all sorts of retail distribution, from enormous grocery chains to 7-11 and Circle K.

                    1. re: sunshine842

                      Ok gotcha.

                      I am definitely misguided on this one. I guess I never paid enough attention at the deli and shouldn't have gone off on a tangent on something I'm not that knowledgeable about. Take care.

            2. re: brokentelephone

              by the way -- "funny that you want the pressed stuff" as in "hmm. Interesting that you'd come at it from such a different angle."

              Eat what you want -- I just thought it was interesting, and I wasn't disparaging your choice.

              1. re: sunshine842

                It's a fair thing to disparage! I wouldn't have touched that sort of deli meat until my fiancee made me a delicious sandwich, and I was hooked.