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Aug 11, 2011 04:48 AM

2 nights at Hollywood Beach

Two adults - no kids. Two days of "beaching it" but want casual atmosphere yet great food. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. for lunch go to letub www.theletub.com you will never forget this burger, waterfront outdoor or indoor on the intercoastal shorts and tanks welcome plus tarks for quick seafood wings extremely fresh 5 minutes away www.tarks.com , as for night time dinner go to downtown hollywood or ft laud area for better food, rustic inn is always a favorite hammer msashing casual crab place 5 min away too

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    1. re: seminole phil

      Thanks Phil! I had heard about Le Tub from some friends plus all the travel channel publicity so that was definitely on the list - plus it's about a mile from hotel so perfect. I will definitely try your other suggestions - so Tarks is just down the beach - Dania?

      Le Tub
      1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

      1. re: Tangerine7

        yes on us1 federal hwy a block north of sheridan street, or 2 miles north of hollywood blvd if that helps, tarks been around 50 years

    2. If you have the time to kill Le tub is the place ... cannot argue with tarks or rustic in either....

      On the boardwalk only 2 places worthwhile Hollywood grill for Armenian food and sugar reef

      1. Cant agree with letub. had the worst exp there. but le petit prince is right at johnson and the beach would definitely suggest that. also giorgios bakery.

        1. I second the Le Tub recommendation, in addition to the burger, have some gumbo and key lime pie.

          I'm also a fan of Tarks for some raw bar action. SUPER casual counter seating only with inexpensive cold beer.

          Tarks and Le Tub are perfect lunch spots but dinner works too.

          Sugar Reef on the Broadwalk does a nice job for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is hit or miss but the location on the beach steps from ocean is hard to beat anywhere.

          Giorgio's Bakery also does a nice job for breakfast and you can sit outside on the intracoastal.

          If you want to step it up a notch for dinner I would recommend Lola's on harrison in Downtown Hollywood.

          Pre beach- grab some bagels at Sage Bagel on Hallandale Beach Blvd. Best bagels in Florida and just as good as NY.

          Post beach- grab a slice of pizza at Mauro's in downtown. Best pizza down here.

          Le Tub
          1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

          Sugar Reef
          600 N Surf Rd, Hollywood, FL 33019

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            Cannot disagree more on Giorgio's Bakery......Great setting and if your from out of town cannot beat the view on the water.... but the most inconsistent restaurant I have ever seen you can find something you like have it a couple of times then whamo ..... also the worst (weakest ) coffee I have ever had (even with a shot of espresso in it!

            Mauro's pizza is just passable it lives on the fact that people crawl in at 2am drunk as skunks trying to sober up!!!!! Try it straight in the afternoon and sit in the blistering heat...... better pizza @ El Tamarindo Coal Fired Pizza or even Conchio Doro

            Tonight Lamb shank @ Grandpa's Bakery and they make a great breakfast too!

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              I've had many slices at Mauro's during the day and picked up tons of pies to go. Never been there at 2 a.m... Best pizza down here.

              Good luck with that lamb shank at Grampas Bakery.

            2. re: The Chowfather

              I agree, Giorgio's Bakery has the worst cofee ever!! We usually grab a cup at the Marriott and a croissant from Giorgio's and sit on the beach.

              For Pizza, Anthony's Coal fired pizza on US 1 in ft. lauderdale, just north of the airport, is teh best.

              1. re: acervoni

                I have to fess up the croissants @ Giorgio's are the bomb....and consistent not on eat in menu tho... I guess they would serve it to you if you ask and are lucky.......to get a server that cares..... Last time there for lunch friend asked the waitress to put her sandwich in the oven.... waitress flat out refused she had to bring it to the counter herself.....he mom left her sunblock on the table called to see if they found it.... they had the nerve to say yes we found it but we threw it out!

                Gotta love customer service that says we are packed and we don't care!