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Aug 10, 2011 11:50 PM

What's the most overpriced menu item you've seen?

A new restaurant opened up in town, German beer hall style.

Apple and Beet Salad - $17

I went through the rest of the description, "...toasted hazelnut vinaigrette, frisee lettuce, sundried figs."

No meat, no cheese, no gold dust... I can't wrap my head around $17. Sure in the scheme of things it's not expensive compared to other appetizers and I've spent 4 times that on a salad at a 3 michelin star restaurant but it seems too expensive for what you're getting. A salad. At a pub.

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  1. Garlic Noodles in a San Francisco Vietnamese restaurant.........about 10 years ago, $13 for Lo Mein Noodles with butter/oil and granulated garlic......

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      If you were at Crustacean, I think I know the noodles of which you speak. One of the daughters of that family runs a restaurant named An Qi in Costa Mesa, and they offer the same thing. A lunchtime portion was something like 15 bucks for exactly what you described - and overboiled at that. Joke.

      1. For food, pasta pomodoro. $20 at several wine bars. Dried commercial pasta, tomato out of a large tin, no fresh herbs, but plenty of salt in the cooking water.

        Beevod's already identified one of the primary profit generators, though I think coffee has the edge percentage-wise on mark-up.

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        1. re: wattacetti

          I'll join you on the coffee.We have a moderate to expensive white table cloth place near by,uses a nasty old vertical perc,too little mundane coffee and then hits the unaware for $9.00.Ordered it once,when served it looked un-drinkable,refused it and had to press to keep it off the check.

        2. My dd's (9) favorite beverage is mineral water and I buy bottles of it for home in all sizes and several different brands. I'm very much aware of what it costs retail, let alone wholesale, which has to be cheaper.

          We recently ate at a restaurant that charged $12 per 750ml bottle. I have never seen an item with such a huge mark-up. Never. The charges for her water (we drank a little, too, so went through two bottles) were more than the charges for our wine.

          It's one thing if it's a prepared dish, but geez... this was an item that just had to have the cap removed!

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          1. re: velochic

            Sounds like you were in Montreal during Grand Prix weekend.

            Guy Savoy in Paris doesn't charge for bottle waters - it's considered beneath them. They will charge you 360€ per person for more expansive of the two tasting menus though (worth it though).

          2. I eat kosher so I'm used to crazy prices, but there is one place near my office that has among other insanely priced things a salad - romaine lettuce, shredded carrot, beets, red onion, cabbage, cucumbers, peppers, $16.95