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Aug 10, 2011 08:51 PM

Sam's Club Private Label Calle Azul Anejo Tequila

I stumbled across this last weekend at my local Sam's Club and due to it being $15 for a fifth, I decided to buy it to make margaritas. Only after having everyone raved about the margaritas I made with it, I googled it only to find out it was exclusive to Sam's Clubs:

I'm curious if anyone else has tried it and what others think of it ... For the money, I felt it made a very decent 2:1:1 Cointreau Margarita.

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  1. Don't know if you tried this as a sipper but for the $ this is the absolute best tequila I've had (and I've tried many). At $15 and change per bottle it's a steal. Stocking up on this stuff. Was told this was a one time deal and will be gone after what's in stock is sold out. Oh btw it does make an excellent Margarita with a float of Cointreau

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    1. re: Tdog

      We had a party and everyone had a shot of it to sip and got compliments all around ... I'm concerned about what you heard and will be running to Sam's Club tomorrow to stock up.

      1. re: hawkeyeui93

        Unfortunately, the local Sam's club in SC does not sell tequila or any liquor for that matter. I will be travelling next Monday-Tuesday through NC, WV, VA, OH, PA, NY. Where may I expect to find this tequila?

        1. re: CreepyDude

          Definitely not PA or NC, both are state run liquor stores.

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            You can buy this in South Carolina from Sam's -- in Myrtle Beach! We have purchased Calle Azul several times at the Myrtle Beach Sam's Club. Last weekend we bought 4 bottles for $15.91 each. It is a very good tequila. Someone told me that Sam's could only have 3 liquor stores in the entire state of South Carolina (by state law). None in Columbia, but one for sure off 17 Bypass in Myrtle Beach.

            1. re: melinsc

              Dangit, I was just there a few weeks ago and wasn't able to get to sam's any night before 7 (when SC liquor stores stop selling) - I would definitely have grabbed a bottle and likely gone back for more.

              1. re: melinsc

                Thanks melinsc, I might go there next summer. Myrtle beach was not on my way this time, I stayed at Hilton Head island. I asked for tequila at Hilton Head Sam's, they said they are not allowed to sell liquor anywhere in SC. They must be wrong!

                1. re: melinsc

                  I'm a huge fan, but am concerned that the sign in my local Sam's claims it is a "limited time item" ... I buy 2-3 bottles up every time I visit and they are down to less than a case on the shelf.

          2. Which state was it? I have never seen liquor at Sam's.

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              1. re: hawkeyeui93

                Unfortunatly, it's almost thousand miles from me

              2. re: CreepyDude

                I found it in Florida. I've seen it in several stores in FL. Don't know if there is any difference in lote's or bottling dates/times. But all I've tried have been VERY good for the $. The Calle mixer is NG need to stay away. Also note the corks (synthetic) don't seem to adversly affect the quality of this anejo though they do not fit very tightly. Hope there isn't a problem over time with the seal. If you can find this, you won't be disappointed.

                1. re: Tdog

                  Thanks! I should have driven to FL while being in SC. Now I am thousands miles away.

              3. UPDATE: Was in my local Sam's Club today [Ames, IA] and this was on sale for $10.91 .... This is a 100% Agave Anejo Tequila for this price!

                1. I found a box of Calle Azul at my Sam's Store in Brooksville, FL. They said it was for a limited time only so I bought as much as I could once I tried it. I kept going back until it was gone. At the time it was only $10 a bottle of 80 proof. Now I can't find any of it. I wonder how we can order more and from where? It is great just over ice.

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                  1. re: Dysride

                    I haven't seen it in a few years. My brother and I bought out the last few cases left at our Sam's Club in Iowa when it dipped to $10/fifth. I am down to a few bottles ....