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Aug 10, 2011 06:31 PM

Harrisburg lunch recs?

Hey guys,

Going to be in Harrisburg next Saturday, and I'm looking for some recommendations for possible lunch spots. Pretty much anything goes here - casual, upscale, any kind of cuisine. I'm just not familiar with the area at all, and don't know where to look. If it helps to narrow it down, the plan is to go to the Senators game that night, so something that isn't too far out of the way from there would be helpful, but is by no means necessary.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Too bad you aren't in town on a weekday as the Jackson House is the best lunch in town. That said, grabbing a burrito at Neato Burrito on 2nd before the game and then walking across the Walnut St Bridge is a pretty good way to start the evening

    Jackson House
    1004 N 6th St, Harrisburg, PA 17102

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    1. taste of india is good... (guys, do I have the name right?)

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        There are a few Indian restaurants, and I don't know all of them, but you may be thinking of Passage to India. It's my favorite. Do they do the lunch buffet on a Saturday?

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          yup. thanks. my brain and restaurant names do not mix.

      2. In case anyone follows this thread later on, I would recommend either Dockside Willie's (casual)
        or Rock Bass Grill (a little dressier, but casual eminently acceptable).
        Right across the river from the stadium, these connected restaurants offer a river view, stadium sounds in the distance, very reasonable prices, and very good food reasonably priced.
        While there is some overlap (eminently respectable Reuban's at both places), I'd characterize Dockside Willies as expanded Sports Bar Food with a rustic, sea-side-ish feeling setting, and Rock Bass Grill as having more serious entrees, but still including great sandwich offerings, in an ever- so- pleasantly cruise ship-evocative setting.

        1. I was going to suggest Arepa City because it is fairly unique and I always feel lends better to lunch over dinner.