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Aug 10, 2011 06:16 PM

Secrets of Salem??

I am new to the boards, but am spending the week in Wakefield and Salem! I would love any and all suggestions in the area for great food, drink, sweet treats!! We are pretty flexible and I promise to share what we find!

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  1. On the same street as the Peabody Essex Museum is Rita's for Italian ice and frozen custard. The frozen custard was jut OK, tasted like soft serve to me, but the Italian ice was delicious, especially the chocolate fudge flavor. Very, very chocolatey and rich, hit the spot on a hot day. Lemon was good as well, but the chocolate tasted just like taking a big bite of fudge. Yum.

    1. Buttered popcorn at Hobb's at the Willows.

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        I would also add Hobb's salt water taffy and popcorn bars to the list.

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          I have a soft spot for the flavored popcorn as well (from working there for five summers), but it's not something I would give an unqualified endorsement to, like I will for the buttered popcorn (and the peanut butter taffy when soft).

      2. I'm a fan of Polonia Cafe next to the Bewitched statue. It's hearty Polish & Eastern European food. Their Polish sampler is terrific but also try the Gypsy Pancake (two huge potato pancakes with excellent goulash between them) and the raspberry-flavored Polish beer.

        1. If you go no other place, get to Turtle Alley in the East India Sq. Mall, diagonally across from the PEM. Incredible turtles of all types, fudge and a whole array of amazing chocolates all made at the Gloucester shop. Hands down, my all time favorite chocolate shop and I've been to them all.

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            Yeah- Turtle Alley is truly great, a rarity on the North Shore.

          2. Great hot dog joint:

            Boston Hot Dog Company
            60 Washington Street
            Salem, MA 01970
            (781) 576-9290

            Amazing Bakery:

            And folks seem to like this place quite a bit though I've never been:

            Sixty2 on Wharf-62 on Wharf

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              Second the Boston Hot Dog Company! I haven't gone up to Salem for work in a few years, but I used to have business nearby and I'd look forward all day to my favorite hot dog for lunch on the way home, loaded with mustard and sauerkraut. Glad to hear they are still there and still good.