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Brunch on Sunday in northern bergen county?

any suggestions?

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  1. Allendale Bar & Grill (and I'm assuming Mahwah Bar & Grill) does a pretty good one that's not too expensive. If you're willing to travel to Montclair, The Office does a great one. They used to do it in all their locations, but for some reasons they stopped weekly brunches in all of the locations except Montclair several years ago. (Most of the locations still have the brunches on certain holidays.)

    Allendale Bar & Grill
    67 W Allendale Ave, Allendale, NJ 07401

    1. We've been to two very different brunches in that area that I can comfortably recommend: The Mason Jar in Mahwah does a pleasant, traditional Sunday brunch and Dim Sum Dynasty in Ridgewood is terrific for something a little different...but just so good.

      Dim Sum Dynasty
      75 Franklin Ave, Ridgewood, NJ 07450

      Mason Jar
      3001 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach Township, NJ 08008

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        We are looking forward to trying the new Five Seasons Bistro in Ridgewood, Laurie Cera's new venture. We also heard nice things about Janice, a Bistro in Hohokus for brunch.

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          Can you elaborate on the brunch at Dim Sum Dynasty? What is a little different about it? What types of food, dishes, etc.? Thank you in advance.

          Dim Sum Dynasty
          75 Franklin Ave, Ridgewood, NJ 07450

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            It's the finest place in NJ for Dim Sum. Here's Tommy's explanation and description: http://www.tommyeats.com/tommyeats/20... It's wonderful!

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            You can omit my above recommendation for the Mason Jar. I went back there for lunch and it was very forgetable. There also are having some legal issues about serving alcohol to minors.

          3. Clinton Inn in Tenafly
            Mason Jar for more casual brunch
            The manor is always a good classic one- not as great as it used to be
            If you wanted to take a bit of a drive, the Thayer Hotel has a lovely one up by West Point.

            Mason Jar
            3001 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach Township, NJ 08008

            1. Try Kloe bistrot in fort lee. Not your typical new jersey restaurant and lots of good egg choices.

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                Do they have a brunch menu ? I can't find it online.

              2. I haven't been to their brunch, but Bistro 55 does one, and friends who have been said it was an impressive selection for the price.

                Bistro 55
                55 Route 17 South, Rochelle Park, NJ 07662

                1. From northjersey.com......

                  FOOD & DINING NEWS:

                  Park West Tavern serving brunch: The new restaurant in Ridgewood now offers brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Chef John Halligan’s menu includes Johnny cakes with mixed berries, honey butter and maple syrup, and smoked salmon and scrambled eggs casserole. Specialty cocktails are also available. 30 Oak St., Ridgewood; 201-445-5400; parkwesttavern.com.

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                    Heard about this. I'd like to try it sometime but it doesn't fit in with my diet. LOL.

                  2. Had brunch at MB&G -- basic, solid brunch. Omelette station made some decent omelettes, and the other basics were OK -- sausage, bacon, some potatoes, etc. It was OK. I liked the chocolate-stuffed French toast and the eggs benedict (pre-made) wasn't bad. The melon and other fruit was very good. Some of the other items were also OK.

                    Now, I've had lunch there -- unfortunately, I didn't like it. I don't know what it is, but the food is just so-so at best. Wish I liked it but I don't. The last two times I ordered burgers there, they weren't prepared well, made as ordered, etc. -- and both times I didn't like it.

                    1. BTW, I would put the Mason Jar brunch well above that of MB&G. Much better -- not even close. MB&G was ok. Solid, but just OK.

                      The Mason Jar was much better -- more selection, more scope, better flavors and food.

                      1. How about a reasonably priced brunch in the Fort Lee area? Has anyone gone to Assembly in Englewood?

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                          I haven't been to the Assembly for brunch in a few years, unfortunately. I say that because I always liked it very much. I have been there for a Mother's Day brunch, and just a random Sunday as well. When I used to go -- and I've been there often -- it was always very good and very consistent. Overall, it was an excellent brunch, one of the best in the area.

                          The quality of the food was very good, it was fresh, high quality, they were replenishing and replacing food often, etc. I always enjoyed it.