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Aug 10, 2011 06:06 PM

Dinner recommendation for Saturday night in Concord, NH with a foodie 8 year old

Chowhounds from Philadelphia are going to passing through Concord on a Saturday night. We are staying at the Centennial Inn. Our 8 year old will be with us, but he is a foodie in training and a very adventurous eater. He's been going out to nice restaurants in Philly and NYC all summer.

We were just in the Lakes Region last month and liked the food when we kept it simple at Town Dock and the Tilton Diner, but were disappointed in the Thai/Sushi place everyone raves about. (Among other things, our 8 year old thought his avocado in the sushi rolls was "too hard").

Based on the board's recommendations, I was thinking of either Sunny's Table or the Granite at the hotel. But I am worried that the Granite is too formal for a little kid. Any thoughts?



Town Docks Restaurant
289 Daniel Webster Hwy, Meredith, NH 03253

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  1. last time @ Granite was fabulous, it might b a lil formal feeling but the bar was drawing a lil more casual crowd so maybe dining room is now too. I haven't been but it's on my list to do Sunny's. If you enjoy tepenyaki/sushi.....Morimoto's does a wonderful job. I think Manchester some really nice options, for some reason Concord doesn't pull the same high caliber of dining options as Manch or Nashua....i lived in concord for years, awesome but sleepy town after 5, could be changing though. Manchester has Richards Bistro, Cotton, XO, Republic, Z and I'm dying to get to Mint Bistro (fabulous menu). Have fun either way. Don't do another Comman Man (you did two in the lakes region). Also, I heard that O Steak & Seafood opened one in manch or concord (i forget) but it's excellent in laconia!

    Mint Bistro
    Manchester, NH, Manchester, NH

    1. If your 8 year-old is well-behaved, the Granite restaurant in the beautiful inn you will be staying at would be an excellent choice for upscale dining. If you're looking for a reason to get out of the hotel, O Steaks & Seafood would be another great option. I haven't been yet, but have heard good feedback. Yelp reviews look positive too. And, it's quite walkable from the Centennial Inn if the weather is nice and you're in the mood. On Main St in downtown Concord. The Granite or O's would probably need a reservation for dinner on Saturday.

      And I agree with Lex, that Moritomo on Ft. Eddy Road in the Shaw's plaza has excellent sushi if you decide to revisit that option.

      1. LexPatti and Dave, thanks for the suggestions! I think we're going to try the Granite. (I like that they have half portions on the menu, which will work well for my son).

        1. I'd suggest Sunny's Table for something more "foodie" than the other options in Concord. Also, Old Europe on Main Street has some fantastic mezze, the dolmas (or whatever the Serbian equivalent name is - the chef/owner is (was?) from Yugoslavia) are very good. O's and Granite are nice but I wouldn't consider them anything that you couldn't easily find in Philly. Way less foodie, but maybe more New England, you could consider Makris for a seafood dinner!

          Main Street Cafe
          888 Main St, Westbrook, ME 04092