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Aug 10, 2011 04:55 PM

No Reservations: US Desert

Guys - I am shocked - shocked - that there has been no discussion of this week's NR. I think a perfect subtitle would be: The No Girls Allowed Episode. Jeez, maybe because I'm a woman, but this seemed liked one of the most ridulously macho episodes in a long time. And here I was starting to enjoy Tony again after last week's wonderful El Bulli chapter. Oh well...
Any thoughts?

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  1. Perhaps he does these kinds of shows on purpose, to show us that he's not completely wimped out - he still rocks hard, and all that shit. Personally, I don't get these shows - I'm not a rocker, never was. There's some good food, certainly. I'd enjoy going to the cookout with the Mexican grape workers. But it's not like introducing us to some sort of indigenous cooking or a great chef somewhere. DDD would have shown us more details on the Cambodian woman's place. Palm Springs rings a big fat zero in my book - that old Prime Rib place would die a natural death in almost any other setting. I loved the T-Bird - 64-66 were my favorite years (after they got big in 58 - still like the 55-57 best).

    1. i'm confused.
      let's see...while i don't recall any standout females in the episode (wait, i'm wrong: those two new agey type gals that were featured), i also don't recall anyone putting females down, burping, farting, scratching themselves, competing in feats of strength, talking about sports or sitting around with their hands in their underwear watching cartoons, either.
      yes, there was a short blurb on cars.
      other than that, they drove around, looked at the desert, ate some food, cooked some food, did some shopping and made a bunch of music. oh yeah, and drank a lot, which seems to be a feature of many episodes.
      mr. homme seemed pretty articulate and sensitive.
      o.k., you didn't like the episode, copy that. where were the "ridiculously macho" parts?

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      1. re: linus

        Didn't he do another SW trip that included a stop at Salton Sea, and ended with a shooting party with a right wing aging rocker in Texas?

          1. re: JAB

            ugh, the Nooge? Didn't see that one. My respect for AB just slipped a notch

            1. re: coney with everything

              why? should Bourdain only hang out with liberals?

              1. re: ac106

                No but Nugent is a particularly douchy kind of guy.

                1. re: coney with everything

                  because he is a hunter, has strong opinions, is conservative, is a conservationist, loves guns, stands up for what he believes in and is not afraid to tell anybody why, doesn't bow to political correctness, is a patriot, basks in the simplicity of venison loin sauteed in garlic and butter, has played a mean guitar for over 40 years, moved from michigan to texas???

                  1. re: xman887

                    "is conservative" nothing he has ever said or done has convinced me he can even spell that word, much less know what it means.
                    "has strong opinions...and is not afraid to tell anybody why"? so he's a loudmouth.
                    "doesn't bow to political correctness" mannerless clod who never lets a few facts get in the way of a soundbite.
                    "is a patroit" was this before or after he dodged the vietnam war draft? or told the president of his country to perform certain sexual acts on his penis substitute, i mean gun?
                    "has played a mean guitar for over 40 years." and it's been 30 since he was relevant musically, so why not open his mouth on any subject that strikes his fancy, whether he's informed or not?

                    sounds like a ratings bonanza to me.

        1. re: linus


          C'mon, women posters. Do you really think everything has to be centered around women?
          News Flash: Women do not necessarily figure in all shows that AB does.
          News Flash 2: Shows that dwell on women but show no males in them do not get nasty comments from males about the lack of males on such shows, in general.

        2. Wow, may have been the worse episode ever. I guess anything would have been a downgrade after the El Bulli episode, might as well put the worst one after that.

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          1. re: saeyedoc

            I certainly agree that it was down there on the list. Seems that anytime Bourdain does a show that is not food centric it's never that good. Perhaps he/the producers want to prove that their show is not just a travel food show but sometimes it's best to just stick with what your viewers want.

            I could have guessed based on the location that this episode would be on the boring side. Anyone that has been out to the CA desert knows that there's not a whole lot going on culinarily or otherwise. I guess the whole point of the episode was to hang out with Homme and get some soundtrack music recorded?

          2. /It certainly wasn't my favorite episode, but I didn't find it sexist or particularly ridiculous. Remember that this is the travel channel rather than the food network. This was just an episode about rockers and macho types out in the Southwest. Anyone who reads Bourdain knows how much he likes hard rock and punk music, so this shouldn't really be too big of a shock.

            ETA: did i completely miss the thread about the Naples episode? Or wasn't there one? And if so, why? I thought that was an especially good and insightful episode for foodies.

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            1. re: cowboyardee

              Neither my favorite or the most ridiculous thing he's ever done, for sure. Great soundtrack for the episode, though.

            2. We get it Tony -- you're cool and you hang out with cool rocker dudes. Other than that, I'm not sure what the point of the episode was. Homme's foodie credentials didn't seem particularly noteworthy, with the exception of knowing where all the stodgy hangover cure food was. Certainly not any spectacular scenery, the food content was minimal -- although I liked the grape workers scene, and it left me with absolutely zero desire to explore that corner of the world. Disappointing.