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Aug 10, 2011 04:33 PM

Any good recs for Charlotte?

I will be in Charlotte for work this weekend staying near the airport. What area or neighborhood in Charlotte should I be looking for some fun places for dinner.?Ideally we would like an area we could walk around. As far as specific restaurants we are looking for places <$20-$25 an entree and we are fairly adventurous eaters, we all love ethnic food.The age range is late 20's to late 40's. As always any advice is appreciated!

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  1. There's a ton of info out here already most of it current - do the research and then we can finetune the advice - "I'm just saying. . . .", ,

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      I did a previous search and read through several of the threads but having never been to Charlotte the specifics aren't quite helpful yet, hence the general question. Thank you for your very helpful response though.

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        From the airport area, it's very easy to hop on Tyvola which turns into Fairview once you cross Park Road (very common in Charlotte for streets to suddenly change names). On Fairview, you'll find yourself right by SouthPark Mall. The area is called South Park. There's a great spot called Rooster's right there. Also, Georges, Terrace Cafe, Harper's, Cowfish, Upstream and lots of other great spots. All within about a square mile. You can't go wrong with any of them and you'll be ten minutes from the airport on the weekend. Look them up, see what appeals most to you, and welcome to Charlotte.

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          Good recs, SI. To the OP, Charlotte is not a walkable city, sadly. The only area that you could/would really walk around and find stuff to do is downtown (or as we call it - uptown). There are good eats uptown too. Harvest Moon Grille, Halcyon - at The Mint Museum, etc. You could check out The Bechtler and Mint art museums and then have dinner at Halcyon - I strongly recommend their foie gras-stuffed burger and also their roasted marrow bones with short rib marmalade - pure gluttony! Save room for dessert though - Chef Marc's coffee and doughnuts are lovely.

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            Excellent recs. Harvest Moon Grille at the Dunhill Hotel linked to some other place w/ the same name in GA.

    2. Thanks for the recs! The South Park Mall area sounds like my best bet since we will be in seminars all day. Halcyon sounds great but sounds like it may be a bit too pricy for what we're looking for this time.

      1. Plaza Midwood is a very pedestrian friendly area with several good options. In that area, if you're looking for something nice, but not too fancy, Lulu is great. Bistro Le Bon is also good and fits that bill. Dish serves some good southern-style food. Soul serves some great small plates, and can be fun for a group. The Diamond is a solid, very casual place that looks like an old-school diner inside and has a huge menu (serving mostly southern-style diner classics, burgers and sandwiches, and some classic Greek diner dishes). All of these places are withing walking distance from one another, and there are also several bars in the area you can walk to before or after dinner.

        NoDa is another great place for walking around. There are some decent, casual places to eat there, but nothing mind-blowing.

        1. Thanks again for all the recs. We ended up eating at Cowfish on Friday and Copper on Saturday. Cowfish was a a great, fun Friday night place sitting on the patio with decent live music. I was really surprised how good both the sushi and the burgers were and the mixed drinks were done well. I loved the decor in Copper and that they had a different twist on Indian.